Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craps Cheating Inside...It's All in the Dealers' Hands. Same Thing With Outside Craps cheating

Craps scams have gotten a lot of press lately, especially after the big inside cheat scam engineered by "Mr. Casino" Richard Taylor at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Although the actual mechanics of the scam were incredibly rank and amateurish, the cheat scam managed to rake more than a hundred grand from the casino. You can read the details about that scam by searching "Foxwoods Craps Cheat Scam" on this blog.

But what about real good inside craps scams performed by craps dealers who really know how to move the dice and the chips?...Are they out there?

Well, not many modern craps dealers can "mechanic" their tables, but the ones who can have great hands. One good inside craps scam with a dealer working with a player is the "push the chips" scam. That's when the dealer with a slight movement of his hand pushes a player's losing chips on the pass line onto the winning don't-pass line as he's picking up the other losing bets on the pass line. The same move can be done pushing the losing bet from the don't-pass line to the winning pass line. Depending on how the overall action is spread, the crooked craps dealer will advise his cohort which side to bet.

Players also do a version of this scam without the dealer's help. They bet their chips on the pass line and then when the shooter rolls a point, they push their chips onto the don't pass line with a subtle movement. This is done with a distraction move such as tossing a chip onto the proposition bets in the middle of the table or simply asking for change. Once their chips have been transferred onto the don't-pass line, they have the advantage of being the favorite to win the bet. And when the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the comeout roll, they win their bet without having to push...Good Move!