Monday, November 09, 2009

Turkish UK Casino Cheat Caught Entering Casinos With Elaborate Fake IDs

Muliple-identity Card Cheat Jailed for Tricking His Way Back Into Casinos

A casino fraudster, who has been banned from every casino in the UK, has been jailed for using multiple identities and deceptive behaviour to win thousands at the tables.
Abdullah Toksoz, 40, used a variety of false documents to get pass casino security and gain access to casinos. Once inside, Toksoz would use a concealed pinhead, hidden under a fingernail, to mark cards in games of brag. This would give him a distinct advantage over the house, making him huge profits in the process.

The Turkish national was arrested by police at Heathrow airport in June with thousands of pounds of cash in his pockets. The father if one was jailed for 16 months after admitting to six counts of fraud and deception relating to the casino cheating incidents between 2005-2008. Southwark Crown Court heard how Toksoz used multiple identities, including Italian, American and Bulgarian documentation to gain access to casinos. The documents ranged from driving licences to ID Cards, all with different names and nationalities.

Nicholas Mather, for the prosecution, said: “His existence has been known of for at least ten years, and from the mid-1990s he has been banned from all casinos in this country.”

Judge Anthony Pitts, passing sentence, said: “You were determined over a period of three years to use different ID documents that you had obtained, all of them false, to gain entry to casinos, knowing that you were banned as a casino cheat. “These are very serious offences. There is a persistent period of three years of determined dishonesty.”