Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blackjack Card Counting Movie Cheating Its Viewers!

Last night I had nothing much to do, so I decided to watch Kevin Spacey's card counting movie "21" to kill the evening. But what happened was that "21" killed me! I'm sure you've heard the saying that sometimes you need to see a great movie twice to really appreciate its greatness. Well, in 21's case, I needed to see it twice to realize how bad it really is. There is very little of reality in the movie. First of all, the back-room beatings depicted in the film during the '90s went out of style in the era depicted in DeNiro's movie "Casino." That's to say the early '70s at the latest. Did you see the signalling between the card-counters in the casinos? How 'bout the sexy babe counter winding her arms behind her back to tell the "big player" a table was hot! Come on, gimme a break! How 'bout one of the team members getting drunk and then mouthing off in the middle of a high-count play on a hot blackjack table about Dustin Hoffman's character counting cards in the movie "Rain Main?" It's usually bad to refer to a movie in a movie, but here it was ridiculous.

But the coup de gras of badness in the movie "21" was how Ben, the main character, hid his $315,000 in winnings in a loose ceiling board in his college dormitory room. Of course it ends up getting stolen, supposedly by the "professor," Spacey's character. But you have to ask yourself, Shouldn't an MIT genius beating Las Vegas out of hundreds of thousands be able to figure out that a safer place to keep his cash is in a bank safe deposit box? Well, I guess not. Lets You Transfer Your Chips Between Online Poker Sites Without Being Cheated!

Don't Get Cheated Transferring Your Chips Between Online Poker Sites!

Apparently this is becoming a reality, thanks to Online poker players can now transfer their chips quickly and securely between sites including, and using this new service. Operated by SMC Group Management Limited, greatly reduces the risks of encountering scams and features a full auditing suite allowing sites complete access to transactions for the purpose of conducting security checks.

Available between the hours of noon and midnight New York time, also features a blacklist facility that allows participating sites to monitor fraudulent transactions so that they can take appropriate steps to identify and eliminate scammers. The site has also teamed up with to provide a credibility check system in order to further protect against fraud. checks a player's stake history and their join date using before setting a transfer level limit. The more history a player has, the higher their limit level will be set, but competitors with no history will start at the lowest level.

Once a player conforms to the poker sites’ money transfer requirements they can use to send money from one site to another.

“Your security levels are a great initiative and should really go a long way in reducing both your exposure to fraud and our exposure to fraud,” read a statement from

This is a good development for the online poker world.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Being a Poker Cheat in the Blood?

I often get asked if poker cheats have cheating in their blood.

Of course they don't! No one is predestined to become a poker or casino cheat. And no one grows up dreaming of cheating poker and casino games. It is surprising how many people actually believe there is a biological connection to the cheats working poker rooms and casinos. The truth is that nearly all professional and amateur card, dice, slot and online poker and casino cheats get involved in cheat scams because of events in life that eventually lead there. In poker and casino cheating, it usually starts by losing lots of money gambling (sometimes to poker cheats) and then trying to get it back. Besides the high-tech and computer cheats who turn to casino and poker cheating without passion and look at it solely as a business, people who become cheats usually start on the path leading there at an early age. But this does not mean it is in the blood or predestined.

For me that path started when I was eight years old and lost my baseball card collection flipping cards against my buddies. But my buddies turned out to be cheats! They cheated me out of my card collection and then I went on the cheating warpath to get it back. But my career as a poker and casino cheat started when I was busted out in Vegas working as a blackjack dealer. By chance, the legendary casino cheat Joe Classon walked up to my blackjack table, and the rest is history.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best Form of Slot Machine Cheating Ever!


Man takes sledgehammer to slot machine

A man was arrested on felony charges of burglary and vandalism after allegedly taking a sledgehammer to a slot machine at Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, California. According to a Sheriff’s Department report, Steve Eugene Shepherd, 56, entered the casino in a wheelchair at about 2:18 p.m. July 21 and headed straight to a slot machine. That’s where Shepherd produced a sledgehammer from behind his back and proceeded to strike the machine numerous times, smashing the face and severely damaging the machine, the report states.

“He rolled in right by buffet, did not play anything and immediately started going to town,” Casino Spokesman Doug Elmets said.

It didn’t take long for casino security to stop him and Sheriff’s deputies to arrest the man, officials said. Sheriff’s spokesman Dena Erwin said Shepherd surrendered without incident. According to an arrest report, Shepherd was read his Miranda rights but would only say, “I have nothing to say.” He let his hammer do the talking! LOL

Elmets said there was no evidence that the man was upset with the slot machine--an IGT Triple Butterfly Sevens--or the casino, despite the apparently singular focus. I find that hard to believe! He couldn´t have been too happy.

“There’s no record he’s been a previous customer at Thunder Valley,” Elmets said. “It’s something that was as shocking to the patrons as it was to the people that work there.” The incident was the second vandalism arrest in recent months at the casino. On June 28, law enforcement officials arrested Leopoldo Reyes Estrada Jr., 43, of Sacramento for allegedly repeatedly slicing the casino’s slot-machine chairs. He’s suspected of causing $800 in damage by using a razor blade pushed into a pencil eraser tucked behind his ear.

Elmets said committing a crime isn’t the wisest thing to do at the Lincoln-area casino, which boasts 1,000 security cameras and a security staff of 100. “It’s not the place that you want to commit any kind of crime,” he said. Although the report initially put the slot machine destruction at $5,000, Elmets said that the damage was more like $700.

I guess you might say that the slots at the Thunder Valley Casino are really taking a beating these days!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Australia's Star City Casino Latest Victim of Dealer Cheat Scam!

Yet Another Major Casino Scammed From the Inside By Cheating Dealer.

A major Australian casino has joined the inside scam victims list. This time it's the Star City Casino in Sydney. A 27 year-old unidentified male dealer has been fired over allegations he cheated to help his cohorts win big during a baccarat game. I don't yet have the particulars of how the scam went down but I'm guessing that it will prove to be another of the amateur scams that seem to fool the world's casino surveillance departments for long periods of time before finally being caught. Star Casino is still reviewing the dealer's actions over a weekend in early July, with the possibility the case could be forwarded to the police for a criminal investigation. It should be noted that Australia does not punish casino cheats nearly as severely as most US jurisdictions.

A Star City Casino spokesman refused to confirm the dealer had cheated but he did say that the dealer "compomised the integrity of the game he was dealing."


The spokesman added, "A Star City dealer has had his employment terminated with notice for breaching procedure in relation to the way he handled and dealt casino playing cards."

Sounds like good old insider casino cheating to me.

India's Casinos Cheated Again! This Time The Casino Cheats Are Cops! Unreal!

Casinos in India are beginning to look like Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut! It´s one casino cheat scam after another! And this time the guilty casino cheats are police officers! What's next?

Police sources said that the two policemen, in connivance with casino staff, would purchase chips at the Panaji Casino and play roulette. Instead of placing the chips in advance, however, they would place them once the roulette wheel was set in motion. This illegal move would be pointed out by the operator who would then pretend to remove all the chips. However, the operator would retain those chips placed on the highest denominators, ensuring that the constables would win. The loot was then shared by the gang. And like the Foxwoods craps cheat scam, this cheat scam was amateurish at best.

On Saturday, following a complaint lodged by the casino owner, police arrested constables Vinod Chapan and Nitin Gaonkar. While Chapan is attached to the Panaji Town police station, Gaonkar is posted at the Old Goa police station. The duo were caught cheating in the casino, along with their accomplice, one Maruti Banik, on CCTV.

Panaji police station in-charge, PI Sandesh Chondankar, said, "We have arrested two policemen, three hotel staff and an accomplice for cheating." The complaint, filed earlier by the casino's owner, stated that on three occasions he was cheated of a total of Rs 1.33 lakh by six staff members. Police also arrested Pawan Jaisingh, 25, a table operator in the casino, Imtiyaz Mohammad, 22, and Santan Monteiro, 25, a supervisor in the casino. They are on the lookout for three more casino employees. Though the casino owner hadn't named the policemen in his complaint, police found on inquiry that the two constables were part of the cheating racket.

Tips For Playing Cheat-Free Roulette

Roulette is a relatively easy game to play, for both beginners (since table bet minimums are fairly low and the rules of the game are pretty simple) to the experienced gambler who enjoys a classic casino game.

While Roulette’s popularity in the U.S. is waning – due to stiff competition from other more profitable and entertaining games – in Europe it is seen as one of the more popular games at casinos.

One of the reasons is the difference in the house edge (a long-term advantage to the land based or online casino). In the U.S. the house edge is much higher (at 5.25%) due to the two extra numbers on the wheel (0 and 00). European players only face a house edge of 1.4% with only the 0 on their wheel. So if you can, play the European style wheel instead!

Another good tip to know is that the house cannot be beaten. Although there are many different strategies and attempts to beat the wheel (the Fibonacci, Martingale or Cancellation strategies to name a few), none have been able to statistically overcome the casino’s advantage. This however doesn’t mean you can’t play these strategies yourself or even (hopefully) be successful at Roulette!

One sure way to have fun playing roulette is by betting on the more simple bets like red or black, odd or even or even your favourite number or your age. This tactic ensures you’re still in the game but aren’t risking a lot of your chips in one bet!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another Inside Dealer Casino Cheat Busted! This Time It's Counterfeiting!

It seems dealers cheating their casinos is getting contagious across United States casinos. The latest case is a 26-year-old dealer at the Red Hawk Casino near Sacramento, California, who has been arrested for allegedly accepting counterfeit money knowing that the bills were fraudulent. Officials from the California Attorney General's office said the dealer, Chi Yang, and several accomplices defrauded the casino of about $3,000. Yang was booked on 10 counts of burglary, 10 counts of forgery, 10 counts of embezzlement and a conspiracy charge. That's a heck of a lot of charges, and conspiracy concerning counterfeiting is much more serious than casino cheating charges.

The investigation began back in late June when casino officials became suspicious when they discovered on a few occasions that a drop box from Yang's blackjack table contained counterfeit $100 bills. After reviewing the casino's reports and surveillance video footage, the bureau dispatched undercover agents to observe Chi Yang and his accomplices. Agents noticed Chi Yang would receive two to five counterfeit bills at a time, hoping to avoid detection. The investigation also involved the FBI. What about the Secret Service? I'm wondering.

If convicted of the counts, Yang could face at least five years in state prison. This is really dumb! Why take a risk in committing several federal crimes for such trivial amounts of money?