Saturday, May 02, 2009

Poker Cheat Game Coming To Playstation 3!

Texas Cheat 'Em Coming to PlayStation Network on May 14th!

New downloadable poker game on the way from D3.

All right, all you latent poker cheats who are foaming at the mouth. Here comes your virtual cheat game and all the opportunities to cheat your balls off! I wonder if any of you would-be poker cheats will one day graduate and take a shot at cheating real poker games, either in brick and mortar poker rooms or at online poker. I hope not, but I think that some of you are destined to become real-world poker and casino cheats.

Here's the press release:

D3Publisher today confirmed that Texas Cheat 'Em from Wideload Shorts will launch for PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system via PlayStation Network on May 14, 2009. Texas Cheat 'Em will support online multiplayer, matchmaking, high score tables, voice chat and more for a full-spectrum online play experience.

About Texas Cheat 'Em

There's No Limit to the fast-paced, frenetic fun in Texas Cheat 'Em from Wideload Shorts. This game is a new take on the classic Texas Hold 'Em rules, turning an average online poker table upside down by layering party games and other gambling minigames on top of the basic rules, and allowing players to cheat to win. Cheating is FUNdamental in Texas Cheat 'Em! Cheat attacks are earned by players through more than a dozen minigames, so time usually spent waiting for others to deal or bet in online poker is replaced with loads of fun as players hoodwink their opponents. The game offers single-player as well as multiplayer options for up to eight players for a truly unique and robust gameplay experience.

Woman Snagged As Casino Cheat Has To Reimburse Her Victim Casinos! What a Shame!

Lady casino cheat ordered to pay back her victim casinos $2,985!

Cheating at three- and four-card poker has proven costly for a senior who targetted River Rock Casino Resort, and two other casinos in Vancouver and Coquitlam.

May Mei Heung Choi, 69, pled guilty in Richmond provincial court on Tuesday and received a suspended sentence, a two-year term of probation, and was ordered to pay nearly $3,000 in restitution for three counts of cheating at play.

Richmond provincial court Judge Ron Fratkin has barred Choi from any casino or race track in B.C., and ordered her to take psychological and gambling addiction counselling as directed by her probation officer. She’s also to attend the adult forensic outpatient clinic as directed.

Choi must pay $2,020 in restitution to River Rock, $500 to Edgewater Casino and $465 to Boulevard casino.

Neither her lawyer, George Lee, or Crown counsel Megan Israels, was available for comment at press time.

I can understand why...obviously she was not that good of a cheater, certainly not good enough to hold a candle to some of the femme fatale poker and casino cheats who worked with me!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Poker And Casino Cheat Scam For May Posted!

My Cheat Scam for the month of May 2009 is the Harley-Davidson Runaway Scam. This one is quite a bit more ballsy than all the rest. You may have seen it depicted on television in both the US and UK, or you may have read about it in my book "The World's Greatest Gambling Scams," and if so, you know the balls it takes to pull off a caper like this!

In any event, read the May 2009 Scam of the Month here.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Should Gambling Addiction Get Roulette Cheats Off the Hook?

This is a very tough question to answer. I myself was a degenerate gambler before becoming a casino cheat. In fact, the very fact that I had lost all my money gambling is what led to my life cheating poker rooms and casinos. Although I was never busted for cheating, I certainly can understand how a gambling addiction can get someone to cheat, which can lead to arrest, jail-time and even a ruined life.

So do I think that gambling-addicted casino and poker cheats should be cut some slack if they're caught in the act? Probably I do, at least for a first offense. What follows below is the story of a gambling addict turned roulette cheat who got busted after some pretty amateurish roulette pastposting moves. Based on his story, I would give him a second chance if I were the judge.

Would you?


An Edmonton man who confessed yesterday to cheating while playing roulette at a city casino admits he is addicted to gambling and has lost nearly everything.

Balraj Singh Purewal, 22, pleaded guilty in provincial court to a charge of cheating at play.

The Crown wants Purewal to get counselling for his gambling addiction while on six months of probation, but the judge put off sentencing until a pre-sentence report is prepared and she hears from his probation officer.

"Do you have a serious gambling problem?" asked Judge Darlene Wong, after hearing Purewal pleaded guilty earlier this month to a similar offence at a Calgary casino.

"Yeah, a very serious problem," replied Purewal. "I have lost over $600,000, pretty well everything I had."

The NAIT student, who is currently on disability, told court he got hooked on gambling when he was 18 and won several thousand dollars at the Baccarat Casino.

However, he says he is no longer gambling and is looking into joining Gamblers Anonymous.

"I know I have a really bad gambling problem," said Purewal. "I know I need help for it."

Wong placed Purewal on a $1,000 no-cash release and ordered him to take counselling. She also banned him from going to any place where there are games of chance.

"This is serious. You have to get moving on all this."

Court heard Purewal was playing roulette at the Yellowhead Casino on Oct. 26 after buying $400 in chips.

He bet a $100 chip on a certain odd number, but when the wheel stopped on an even number, he was seen moving his wager with two more $100 chips onto the even number.

The dealer called the pit supervisor who placed the chips on a ledge and went to check the surveillance tape.

Meanwhile, the game continued and after the dealer said no more bets and the ball dropped onto the 23 red slot, Purewal was seen placing $300 in chips on that square.

The dealer pushed off the bet and told Purewal it was too late, but Purewal pushed it back on. The supervisor also told him the bet was too late and then the games manager came over and said his earlier bet had also been too late.

At that point, Purewal became angry and agitated and grabbed several $100 chips and tried to walk away. Instead he was grabbed by security and then arrested.

Poker Cheats and Casino Cheats Celebrate May-Day--By Going Out To Work!

In many countries throughout the world, May 1 is a day of holiday and observance of International Workers' Day. It is also an important day for the world's professional poker and casino cheaters, who, if you did't know, are usually as well-organized and diligent as any labor union in any country. For me, May 1 is a very important day. Back on May 1, 1977, I joined my first casino cheating organization, the infamous Classon Pastposting Cheat Team that wreaked havoc on Las Vegas and many other worldwide gambling areas until 1989, at which time I formed my own casino cheat team, ironically also on May 1!

Although there is no official "Poker and Casino Cheats" holiday, May 1 would be the date if there were. In any event, if you're sitting at your poker game on May 1 and think you might be witnessing cheats at the table, conspiring to remove you from your money, it might not be a bad idea to get up and leave, and not to resume your play until May 2!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Roulette Cheat Move Ever Gets Its Due!

I just came across an article about roulette cheating in Casino Enterprise Management Magazine by Bill Zender, an ex-Nevada Gaming Control Board agent whom I know fairly well. Zender writes about my infamous "Savannah" move as well as a move I once explained to him that was done by generations of Italian roulette cheats. Although much in Zender's article about the performance of these moves is inaccurate, he did get one thing right: the Savannah roulette move was the best cheat move ever conceived for cheating casinos!

Here is the relevant portion of his article:

Non-Classic CheatingMove: The“Nudge”

I learned these next two non-classic moves from world-known cheater, Richard Marcus. This next scam was done by an Italian pastpost. It was done so they could lower the chances the dealer and floor supervisor would resort to calling the surveillance room to verify an unusual pastpost move. What did this cheating teamdo to cover its
move? They placed their late bets using stacks of chips. Yes, you read that correctly: They wagered stacks 20 chips high. Here’s the set up. The cheater, who is positioned by the layout near the wheel head, buys in for $1 chips and wagers only in 20-chip stacks at the far end of the layout. The stacks are placed on numbers straight up, split numbers and corners. Just following the dealer’s wave off, a second player makes several single-chip late bets. As the dealer contends with
the late wagers, a team of cheaters stands around the far end of the
layout—inside, outside and at the end of the table. Their job is to spot the winning number and simply “nudge” one or more of the stacks onto a winning number, split or corner. For example, one stack just happens to be positioned on 32 and another happens to be positioned on the split of 27/30. The spun ball leaves the wheel head, and after bouncing around the crown, comes to rest on 29. The cheating team goes into
action. One team member, using his finger tips, nudges the stack on 32 to the split of 29/32, while another team member nudges the 27/30 split stack to the 26/27/29/30 corner. Two previous losing wagers become two winning wagers in a blink of the eye.
When the dealer marks the winning number and sees two large stacks of chips that happen to be winning wagers, does the dealer question these bets? First, he’s well aware that color stacks are on the layout since he witnessed their placement. The appearance of winning stacks on or near winning numbers, usually a point of “legitimacy” contention, does not trigger suspicion. The dealer knows and expects
stacks of color chips to be on the layout. Second, even if the dealer had his doubts, how does he explain to the floor supervisor that a stack of color chips simply “materialized” on the roulette layout? To add insult to injury, if the subtle move is successfully performed without suspicion, it can be done several more times before the cheaters terminate their play.

Detection Tip (Written for casino surveillance)

Whenever your roulette tables are receiving betsmade with stacks ten chips or higher, take a second and check out the play. In the past, big games were assigned an extra dealer,or “mucker,” to assist the roulette dealer. Today we utilize automatic chip-racking machines to handle mucking and stacking chips. The problem with the machines is they have no eyes with which to look at the table layout. Someone needs to review heavy play from time to time, making sure the entire function of the game is correct and fair. If someone’s wagering in stacks, have surveillance look at a sample of the play tomake sure everything is fine.

Non-Classic Cheating Move:The “Savanna”

Even though Richard Marcus is a cold-blooded cheat, you have to give the devil his due. (thanks Bill!) The “Savanna” move is about the most ingenious cheating technique I have ever heard about. Designed by Marcus and another cheater, the Savanna (named after their favorite exotic dancer), not only allowed them to ply their trade under the watchful “eye” of surveillance, but it also allowed them to use our own technology to support the “legitimacy” of their cheating move.

Here’s the set-up to the scam: One of the cheaters obtains a $500 casino check. He goes to the roulette wheel, positions himself at the far end of the table, and buys-in for color chips of a similar color to the $500 casino chip he holds in his possession. After making a couple of three chip bets on the column, being sure to cover the outside minimum bet requirements of the casino, the cheater brings the $500chip out of his pocket. Before the next spin, the cheater places the $500 check beneath two of the color chips on the first column of the layout. In an attempt to
partially conceal the $500 check, the cheater slightly out-jogs the two color chips in the dealer’s direction. From the dealer’s position near the wheel head, the column bet looks just like three color chips. The positioning of the $500 check and the dealer’s inability to notice the high-value chip is what makes this cheating move so strong.

Let’s look at the two possibilities that will happen once the ball drops and the column bet either wins or loses. Since it should lose more than 67 percent of the time, we’ll look at that situation first. The cheater has a confederate positioned by the wheel head. If the ball does not drop into a winning column number, the confederate gives the cheater a verbal signal, such as shouting “no” loud enough for the cheater to hear. Once the cheater hears “no,” he simply reaches down and plucks the three chips off the column. If the dealer sees the chips being removed and
questions the cheater, all the cheater has to do is say he’s sorry and replace the three chips back in their previous place on the layout. The problem for the dealer and the casino is that the cheater places three color chips on the layout without the $500 casino check. Because the dealer doesn’t know a $500 check was there in the first place, he doesn’t question the three color chips. He just sweeps the “losing” chips into the muck of other losing bets. Even though the cheaters aren’t under suspicion for trying to rip the casino off for a $3 bet, they move on to
another casino.

Next, let’s see what happens when the column wager wins. If the cheater hears his confederate shout “yes,” the cheater doesn’t touch anything. He might celebrate a little bit because he just won two-for-one on his $502 bet. When the dealer goes to pay the wager, he notices the $500 chip for the first time. At this point, the dealer will call the floor supervisor over to the table and alert him to the $500 chip that “materialized” in the winning column. The supervisor, smelling a possible
pastpost move, goes directly to the pit phone and calls surveillance. In reviewing the video of the spin in question, surveillance notes the player makes a legitimate wager placed well before the ball fell. The casino has no other choice but to pay the suspicious wager. The cheaters have taken a big shot against the casino, and not only have they figured out a way to get around the 24/7 camera coverage, they also use the casino’s own game protection technology to help aid in putting the ill-gotten
gains into their pockets.

Prevention and Detection Tips (Written for casino surveillance)

Unfortunately, there is no way to defend against this pastpost move (you got that right, Bill!). The Savanna move is about as invisible as a cheating move can get. As a floor supervisor or surveillance operator, you would have to get real lucky to catch this. REAL lucky. The best suggestion for preventing this type of cheating move is to focus on all columns and outside payouts that occur when high denomination chips just happen to materialize out of thin air. If you get a reputation for your due diligence in checking out unusual winning wagers, the cheaters will have a tendency to shift their attack elsewhere.

Well, I'll tell you this, Bill: Wish those cheat-catchers up there in the eye in the sky lots of luck. You're right, they're going to need it!

If you want to read more about the Savannah and the Italians' move, click here for Savannah and here for the Italians' move.

Blackjack Cheating Amongst Partner Cheats

Three blackjack cheats working Atlantic City's casinos took a break on the boardwalk in between cheat moves. They got to talking about casino cheat war stories, when one of the three decided to test the other two with a blackjack cheat riddle. He said to his two cheat buddies, "A fellow cheat is playing blackjack on the square (honestly)in the casino. He has already lost a thousand bucks. Starting a new day, he plays two shifts each day to try and win his thousand bucks back. One shift he plays at 9:00 in the morning. The other shift he plays at 9:00 at night. If each morning he wins $200 and each night he loses $100, how many days will it take him to win back his $1,000?"

The two buddies looked at the blackjack riddler as if to say, "Man, that's too easy!"

But is it?

Tell you what, send me the correct answer if you think you know it. I'll bet less than 10% of you will get it right!

Bodog Hits #1 Against Online Poker Cheats

Bodog Poker has been steadfast in battling poker cheats online, and now that consistency has paid off as latest computer generated online poker safety rankings indicate that Bodog is now the leading online casino against cheats playing online poker. To see the current poker cheat rankings, click here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Deaf, Blind, But Not "Dumb" Poker and Casino Cheats!

Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating By People You'd Never Expect To Be Cheating YOU At The Tables!

Unusual But Deadly Poker Cheats!

People wearing sunglasses inside casinos has long been an element for suspicion. The obvious reason is that they're hiding the direction of their eys. But what about REAL blind people? Might they be cheating you out of your money? And how about deaf people? Are they sometimes also casino cheats?

While I ran my professional casino cheating teams I once had a blind imposter who wore sunglasses and carried a guiding cane. This was of course done to fool casino bosses into believing that my confederate was really blind and hardly a casino cheat. But then again, I once had a real blind person working the tables with me! He was a claimer taking money off roulette and craps tables, and he didn't wear dark glasses, so it was obvious to casino employees that he was really blind. For a while, I believed I was the only casino cheat boss using a real blind person, but lo and behold, such was not the case--and still isn't.

In poker there are blind cheaters playing in collusion rings who take their signals audibly from their cohorts. In roulette and craps there are blind mechanics (of course just a few, but they do exist!). They switch chips on the layout by feel and are guided by audio commands from their cheat team leaders. The beauty of it is that when they are caught they can rely on their real blindness to convince pit bosses they are making honest mistakes and couldn't SEE that their hands were not supposed to be out on the layout when they were. I have heard of a blind magician from Scotland who doubled as a casino cheat and bilked some of the UK's best casinos by pastposting roulette bets.

And the UK is difficult territory for "seeing" casino cheats!

What about deaf poker and casino cheats? What is their specialty? In short, they can do everything "hearing" cheats can do. And since the vast majority of cheat signalling inside casinos and poker rooms is visually and not audibly transmitted, they have not the least bit disadvantage in cheating you and casinos alike.