Thursday, September 03, 2009

Major Online Poker Cheat Hack Scam Exposed!


The site, with videos, forum and every other facet that makes it look real is a HUGE SCAM looking to hack you and steal your personal info. A fake player saying he´s from Sweden and using the name "Cheesecake" and e-mail address has been contacting people via MSN and asking them to watch videos for which he sends the links. The site looks very real but then when you try to watch videos, a warning follows telling you to update your flash player. This is a backdoor Trojan scam and it's VERY Dangerous! Several people playing the 200-400+ nlh/plo games on Full Tilt Poker have been contacted with links from this person whose MSN has been hacked.

If you´ve been on this site and watched the videos, it's time to reset your entire system...NOW! Clean computer, reset passwords for poker, e-mail, everything. And don't forget that other e-mail addresses with other ideas for getting you on the site can be involved as well. DO NOT GO ON for any reason!