Friday, September 11, 2009

Insider Poker High Hand Jackpot Cheat Scam Busted at Planet Hollywood in Vegas!

It just keeps getting better and better, if not stupider and stupider. Four Planet Hollywood poker room supervisors have been arrested for cheating the Las Vegas casino´s poker room out of the paltry sum of $2000. What's that come to...$500 per guy? Hard to believe that guys with solid poker room jobs would put them on the line for such a trifling amount of money, but that's what happened. The Nevada State Gaming Control Board has charged Jonathan Sanner, Jason Peterson, Thomas R. Kordick, all of Las Vegas, and Scott Marshall of Henderson, Nevada, with crimes including forgery, embezzlement and conspiracy in connection with the poker cheat scam that swindled the Las Vegas Strip poker room’s high hand jackpot of slightly more than two grand.

The four cheating poker supervisors apparently filed false paperwork on the jackpot payouts so that they could collect the prize money for the jackpot high hands that never actually got dealt. A suspicious fellow employee blew the whistle on them. I wonder if that's because there wasn't enough profit in the cheat scam to either include him or buy his silence!

In any event, the insider poker and casino cheat scams continue to proliferate world wide.