Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Any Truth To UK Laser Card-Marking Poker Cheat Scams?

In the last two weeks I have received two-dozen e-mails asking me if I know anything about a current poker card-marking cheat scam using lasers in the Victoria Casino in London and several others in the UK. Although I have blogged about the real threat of laser card-marking on brick and mortar poker tables, I have not heard from any of my European contacts that it has taken place at the Victoria casino or anywhere else in the UK. I have, however, been informed that there is a highly-skilled poker cheat team from Eastern Europe (I believe Hungary) that is in the operational stage for marking cards with lasers and ready to cheat B&M poker rooms. When I get news about their actually implementing it, I will of course pass it on. I would think that the first major poker area to get hit with laser card-marking poker cheat scams would be California. Why there is a proliferation of talk about this concerning UK poker rooms, I don't know, but it might have something to do with the fact that Eastern European high-tech poker and casino cheat teams like to work the UK, i.e. the Ritz roulette scam and the London 3-card poker scam using tiny digital cameras.