Monday, August 03, 2009

Poker Cheat Arrest Bags Bellagio Poker Dealer!

Insider Poker Cheats Have Again Reared Their Ugly Heads!

But this time it is not online poker cheats making the news. An unidentified poker dealer (possibly named Tony) was arrested for poker cheating at the Bellagio last Saturday night. The incident took place in Bobby´s Room, the high stakes poker room away from the main poker playing area of the Bellagio that is named after Bobby Baldwin, the ex-WSOP champion and president of several resort companies involving Steve Wynn.

Why the dealer has not been identified is not surprising in what is going to be a high-profile poker cheating case occurring in Las Vegas's number-one poker casino. Shrouds of secrecy often cover these big cheat cases as was such in the Steve Forte Poker Cheating case at the Borgata in Atlantic City in 2007.

According to my source, the crooked dealer stole two $1,000 chips from a split-pot as he was cutting it up to distribute the winning chips to each player claiming half the pot. It is not clear if the dealer palmed the two chips without equipment or if he used some sort of hold-out device that crooked dealers wear up their sleeves, often used for holding cards to be snuck into a game or removed. This dealer may have used that kind of device to hold the stolen chips while he turned over his palms and "washed" his hands for the surveillance cameras before leaving the table, as dealers are required to do. He then transferred the two chips to his pocket upon leaving the poker room.

How exactly the dealer was caught, I don't know, but my guess is that one or both of the victim players quickly figured out he was shorted and complained to the poker room manager, who then called surveillance. Upon running back the video, the dealer's cheat move was probably spotted.

I will surely have more on this developing poker cheat story.