Sunday, August 02, 2009

New Casino Cheat Attempt--Extortion!

It's really not new, although casino extortion attempts usually involve bomb threats like "If you don't pay me the money, a bomb is going to go off in your casino and kill your customers."

But this time, Stacey Paul Waddell is accused of trying to extort the Diamond Casino Boat off Savannah, Georgia for $60,000 by sending threatening letters to casino officials saying he would expose their illegal activities, mainly cheating players. Waddell claimed in the letters that he had video of wide-scale cheat plays. He was quickly arrested and booked.

Anything to this? Well, unless Waddell was a surveillance operator in the casino and filmed an inside casino scam in progress, I highly doubt it. More probable is that he's a degenerate gambler who got wiped out in the casino looking to get his money back in one fell swoop.

Not gonna happen.