Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Being a Poker Cheat in the Blood?

I often get asked if poker cheats have cheating in their blood.

Of course they don't! No one is predestined to become a poker or casino cheat. And no one grows up dreaming of cheating poker and casino games. It is surprising how many people actually believe there is a biological connection to the cheats working poker rooms and casinos. The truth is that nearly all professional and amateur card, dice, slot and online poker and casino cheats get involved in cheat scams because of events in life that eventually lead there. In poker and casino cheating, it usually starts by losing lots of money gambling (sometimes to poker cheats) and then trying to get it back. Besides the high-tech and computer cheats who turn to casino and poker cheating without passion and look at it solely as a business, people who become cheats usually start on the path leading there at an early age. But this does not mean it is in the blood or predestined.

For me that path started when I was eight years old and lost my baseball card collection flipping cards against my buddies. But my buddies turned out to be cheats! They cheated me out of my card collection and then I went on the cheating warpath to get it back. But my career as a poker and casino cheat started when I was busted out in Vegas working as a blackjack dealer. By chance, the legendary casino cheat Joe Classon walked up to my blackjack table, and the rest is history.