Sunday, August 02, 2009

Delaware Casinos Not Ready to Combat Table Games Cheats!

The three racetrack casinos ("racinos") in Delaware do not seem to know what is going to hit them when they open up their table games in January. Not only have they not received table game protection training from me or anyone else, they don't even have a gaming commission or control board, and they are altogether very unorganized. The pro cheat teams and card counters are going to descend upon these three casinos like hives of bees and are going to sting them for lots of money.

Apparently some stage regulators (currently casinos in Delaware are regulated by the state's lottery commission) want to establish an overseeing casino body as is found in practically ever other state with legal poker rooms and casinos. But others say that a gaming commission or control board isn't necessary (WOW!) I, for one, can't believe that attitude! These casinos need some kind of control body that ONLY deals with casinos. If they don't establish one, they are going to have problems never seen before in a rookie casino state.