Friday, August 07, 2009

Bigger Anti-Cheat Online Poker Regulation Push From US Senator

Move over Barney Frank! Here comes New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez! Down with the Poker Cheats and Up with legalizing the anti-cheat poker Geeks!

Senator Menendez, no stranger to poker as a New Jersey Senator should be, is the moving force behind the new online poker anti-cheat legislation bill that dwarfs the efforts of US Representative Barney Frank, who has been an online poker ally of the Poker Players Alliance for some time now.

The key measure of Menendez's new bill, which covers online poker and NOT online casinos, is to set poker apart from other casino games because it is unique in that there is skill involved. Note that I'm not saying it requires skill, only that poker is susceptible to players using skill to win.

Another aspect of Menendez's campaign is that it reviews the background of the operators of the online poker sites. With so many current and past allegations of insider cheating scandals, this is a favorable measure to put new players' minds at ease while playing online poker. Menendez recognizes that legitimate online players are sick and tired and AFRAID of the online poker cheats out there, both inside and out. Players need to be able to have confidence they won't get cheated by online poker operators or cheating online poker players.

There are also tax issues addressed in Menendez's bill, mainly that licensed online poker sites in a regulated or legalized US online poker world would have to pay federal taxes just as any other legitimate entity doing business in or with the United States does.

Go Menendez Go!