Saturday, August 01, 2009

10 Reasons Why Americans Should Not Be Cheated Out Of Online Poker

Everyone involved in or with online poker and his great grandmother know about Bill HR 2267, the attempt to get Congress to regulate and/or legalize online poker and online gambling in the United States. Much of the lobbying in support of passing HR 2267 is through measures that would protect US online poker players from cheat scams and scandals that have been victimzing players by the millions in recent years. I have compiled a list of reasons why people think online poker should be legalized in the US, some of which are a bit capricious, others right on. See what you think.

1) More than 12 million Americans play online poker regularly. My response (MR): Maybe they should find something better to do with all that free time.

2) With online poker sites regulated, American citizens would be protected from insider scam artists and cheats who don’t operate their sites with integrity. Outside online poker cheats would also have a tougher time cheating you. There would also be legal recourse in U.S. courts for online poker cheat victims. MR: Can't find any fault in this.

3) Billions in tax money would be garnered for Uncle Sam. MR: That much? If so, go for it!

4) HR 2267 would provide effective protection to keep underage children from gambling online. MR: Not sure I believe that. It's the same old anti-porn theory.

5) HR 2267 provides help to compulsive gamblers. MR: Probably chase them into brick and mortar poker rooms and casinos.

6) Three of every four US citizens are against the online poker ban. MR: There usually is an unhappy majority in cases like this.

7) Poker is a game of skill, not chance. Many US State courts have ruled this is so. MR: It's a bullshit rally cry. Truth is that although there is skill in poker unlike other gambling games, it is still gambling before anything else and breeds compulsive gambling like any other form of pure-luck gambling.

8) Licensing and regulating online sites would recreate the jobs that people had lost as marketing directors and party planners when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed. MR: Gimme a break! Don't make a labor issue out of this!

9) The US is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, yet we don’t have the same fundamental right to fund online poker accounts and play in our own homes that citizens of most other countries in the world have. MR: Don't cry! Just put your money in the bank where it will earn interest, however paltry that may be.

10) The online poker and gambling ban is extremely cruel and unfair to people who live in states where there are no legal brick and mortar poker rooms and casinos because they have to leave their homes to play poker and blackjack. And the same injustice befalls those who are physically handicapped. Legalizing online poker will allow these people to play in their homes and be happy instead of being depressed. MR: Shame on those of you who use handicapped people to support gambling measures. As for able-bodied people who live in states without legal brick and mortar poker rooms and casinos: if you need poker in your life so badly, move somewhere you can play in a real casino or poker room. Fuck the great school systems and hospitals you would leave behind!

So, after reading this, you mind be surprised to know that I actually support the legalization and regulation of online poker. But for only one reason: it will help fight the huge online poker cheat problems that pervade today.