Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Poker Cheating At Buckingham Palace!

Well, I have heard of some ROYAL Places where poker cheating has gone on through the centuries, like the stately casinos at Baden-Baden and Monte Carlo, but Buckingham Palace??? That takes the cake! Accoring to testimony in a £3 million betting and property scam trial, an ex-royal protection officer accused of running the scam has claimed colleagues played poker inside Buckingham Palace and cheated by swapping cards and playing in collusion. What this basically means is that British cops protecting Queen Elizabeth and the royal family in Buckingham Palace were moonlighting as poker cheats! Gotta love it!

Paul Page, the 38 year-old guy on trial, allegedly cheated investors out of life savings. He testified that police officers were running the poker cheat scams and that a lot of them were even involved in online poker collusion cheating together during their down time. He also said that the same officers could earn up to £60,000 a year with overtime "for doing very little," which can be translated "for playing crooked poker."

Anyone interested in a crooked royal poker game?