Saturday, July 25, 2009

Poker and Casino Cheats...Pack Up and Go to Korea!

Here's what you'll be up against, and to me it doesn't seem like much. Taking an inexperienced woman like Yoon Young-im and making her a surveillance head of a major casino is like taking a cabdriver and sticking him in the cockpit of an airbus. Now way she can do the job!

Here's an article on her. After reading it, do you think this woman would really know a good casino cheat move if she tripped over one?

Korean Woman Turns the Tables on Casino Cheaters.

Yoon Young-im Yoon Young-im is a manager at the foreigners-only Seven Luck Casino at the Millennium Seoul Hilton, where she has just one main job: spotting cheaters. Some 350 CCTV cameras tracking every corner of the casino, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, are under her control.

"It's quite a fun job if you enjoy tense moments," Yoon says. After graduating from university Yoon joined the Korea Tourism Organization in 2001, marketing Korea to American and European tourists for four years. When the KTO set up the foreigners-only Seven Luck Casino as an affiliate in 2005, Yoon, seeking a new challenge, volunteered to transfer. After starting as a scout for monitoring experts in Las Vegas, Yoon herself was selected as a monitoring agent.

Switching from a KTO employee to a monitoring agent wasn't easy. Working with an American expert, she underwent intensive one-on-one training in Baccarat, blackjack and poker, and ways to detect sharpers. She reviewed videos of cheaters discovered in real casinos countless times. She continues to hone her skills by watching gambling movies like "Tajja (The War of Flower)", "21", and "Rounders." She also meets regularly with fellow casino experts in Las Vegas and Macau to swap information on new tricks and blacklisted gamblers.