Monday, July 27, 2009

Pitbull Online Poker Cheat Scam--Round Two!

In light of recent superuser scam allegations against Pitbull Poker, a mysterious spokesperson hit the poker forums with the statement below. Read it and see if you think this is genuine, or just another of the usual cases of online poker sites trying to deflect accusations. Remember, both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet had to be pushed, shoved and browbeaten before they launched internal investigations to search for superuser hole card cheats.


I am here to clarify a few things for you:

I am not related to the excellent Brenes brothers. In Costa Rica, Brenes is a relatively common last name. I am a real person, hired by Pitbull Gaming over a year ago to look after the network they were building and along the line I started taking care of other tasks to eventually look after the forums with the idea of providing an additional support venue. The Hand History Policy is what I know; I follow the policies and terms that the company has set. I am not making new policies out of thin air. We have never sent hand histories like the ones requested and that has always been the same policy (at least since I joined the company). I am not attempting to be deceitful with you guys or anyone. I was actually trying to be a mediator and resolve the conflict. As of today I am not posting anymore and you will have to deal ONLY with Customer Support if you want to keep asking for hand histories or ask for payouts or whatever you can think of.

Does this sound like someone on the up-and-up or someone on the cover-up-and-up?

I know what I think!