Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online Poker and Casino Players Express Cheat and Safety Concerns

According to a survey by the online poker and casino operator Betfair, online gamblers are increasingly worried about online cheating as well as the management and safety of their deposits and winnings. The vast majority of players surveyed say that the recent online cheat scams at Absolute Poker and UltimateBet are the main source of their worries. Less than half of the respondant online poker and casino players expressed concern about the recent US government seizures of online accounts. Not surprisingly, most of them are American players. Many players said that in the face of online poker cheating scandals they would not hesitate changing sites to play on. They don't practice showing loyalty to any particular online casino or poker room.

The most telling result of the survey is that 75% of online poker players were very worried about online poker cheats taking control of online tables. Some players think the US government is to blame for some of the current online cheating problems because it refuses to regulate online gambling. One person pointed out that the US government does its best to scare players into thinking that online poker and casino sites are unsafe places to keep their money and then becomes the reason for that risk by seizing accounts.

Overall, the bottom line is that online poker and casino players are more worried about cheating and safety than ever before, but they continue to play as much as in the past if not more.