Friday, July 17, 2009

New Poker and Casino Cheat Catchers Page Coming Soon!

Those of you familiar with this site know that it supplies tons of information about famous and infamous poker and casino cheats, covering their histories, cheat moves and how they ended up, that being rich, broke, in jail, or some combination of all three. Now I am adding a new page, which will be entitled "POKER AND CASINO CHEATCATCHERS." This page will do the same for well-known people who have spent careers pursuing, catching and bringing professional poker cheats and casino cheats to justice, including online poker and casino cheatcatchers. Some of these people, as you will see, are quite colorful characters with life stories as interesting as some of the cheats profiled on my Poker and Casino Cheats Hall of Fame page.

If you want to nominate someone for this page, send me the info for the person and I will gladly consider it.

The main text for the new page will read as follows:

For as long as there have been poker and casino cheats and online poker and online casino cheats, there have been poker and casino cheatcatchers hot on their trails. The cheatcatchers profiled on my new cheatcatchers page have been responsible for uncovering the biggest poker and casino scams in history, including the megascams that have happened in online poker rooms and casinos.