Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blackjack Cheating on the Rise

Blackjack Cheats More Active in 2009 than 2008

As blackjack card counting has long been the chosen method to beat the world's casinos legitimately, blackjack tables are becoming more popular with casino cheats, or I should say blackjack cheats. Sources working in casino security and surveillance have informed me that the bulk of the increase in blackjack cheating is occurring in Northern Nevada, mainly Reno and Lake Tahoe, where handheld blackjack games are still found in most casinos. The favorite blackjack cheat scam at these handheld games is players adding to and decreasing the amount of chips in their bets when they tuck their cards underneath the chips to indicate they are good. In blackjack games dealt from a card shoe, this type of cheating is not possible, at least not by using the cards in your hand as camouflage because you can't touch the cards. You can see this particular scam pretty well on YouTube.

Also on the cheating rise at handheld blackjack tables are players switching cards, much the way they do in poker, although it is harder to pull off at a blackjack table. The way it works is when two cheats sitting next to each other exchange a card that will greatly improve one or both of their hands. If one player has an ace with a five and the other has a ten with a six, the idea is to get the ace and ten in one of the cheats' hands. So they just use a diversion tactic and switch the cards.

One form of blackjack cheating occurring in shoe games is marking the cards by way of denting or nicking them with chips that the cheats give to the dealers as tips. It is a flagrant move by which the blackjack cheat jabs the card with the chip and then tosses it to the dealer with an accompanying, "This chip is for you." When the dealers spot this, they usually don't get upset because they are receiving a tip. They normally just inform the player not to touch the cards. you'd be surprised how often this blackjack cheat is successfully pulled off.

Other moves like my classic blackjack pastpost are not seen much anymore, mainly because I'm not out there doing them.