Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are Casino and Poker Cheating at US Reservation Casinos and Poker Rooms Easy?

We have been hearing about lots of major casino and poker cheat scams victimizing Native American Reservation casinos the past few years. The two biggest were the Tran Organization False-Shuffle Baccarat Scam and the Richard Taylor/crooked craps dealers and pit personnel scam at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos in Connecticut, two Reservation casinos which are among the largest of all casinos in the world. True, I have been saying forever that Foxwoods is the poker cheaters and casino cheats number-one candy store, and the Mohegan Sun is not far behind. But am I saying as well that the majority of US Native American Reservation casinos are easy pickings?

No, not at all. The vast majority of Native American casinos have been diligently learning and implementing effective game protection and control systems on their tables and slot machines. I can say this firsthand as I consult on anti-cheating for some of them. Arriving at these properties to give game protection seminars, I found Native American casino bosses, if a bit inexperienced about casino and poker cheating, to be very willing to listen and learn, and then train their staffs effectively from instructions I've given them. I like to tell them at seminars that my job will have been done effectively if I came back to their casino unannounced in thirty days and tried to do a cheat-move and they caught me.

I did...and they did!!

So if you're thinking of going to your local Reservation casino to cheat, change your plans and go to Vegas.