Thursday, June 25, 2009

Online Poker Cheat Headed To 2009 WSOP Main Event!

Move over Russ Hamilton! One of your online poker cheating peers is going to join you at the main event! His name is Dan Martin, known to online poker players as "Wretchy." Wretchy received a three month ban from the world’s biggest online poker site, Pokerstars, when he was caught playing poker under two names, in addition to playing poker in the same tournaments as his girlfriends.

Martin has admitted to most of these allegations, but attests that this level of cheating in online poker is the equivalent to smoking weed. He said about cheating in online poker: "Everybody does it, everybody knows it, it’s against the rules, and everyone knows that too, but nobody cares. I don't understand what I need to apologize for. I feel that having a cash game account is sort of the same thing as smoking weed. Everyone knows that it's illegal and yet it's a common thing.

According to online poker news reports the poker player was banned by PokerStars for a period of three months, ending on August 6th. In addition to the punishment handed down by PokerStars, Wretchy’s girlfriend will no longer be able to play at the same poker tables as him. Wretchy received similar bans from Full Tilt Poker, where he was banned for a period of thirty days, more a statement than an actual punishment some say.

Wretchy’s girlfriend received no punishment from Full Tilt. Wretchy said he’s off to play in the 2009 World Series of Poker, where he’ll have a little more time to focus on the Main Event. However, Wretchy should be able to play on both Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet during this year’s WSOP.

"Both sites concluded this," Martin said. "That I played under WhatsLogic for an ample time period (6-9 months) but that I did not ever play both accounts that were in a tournament. The hand histories proved this because the style of play was completely different. They also concluded that I used WhatsLogic for cash games, but I do not know a pro that’s backed who doesn't have a separate name for cash games, but it's still against the TOS."

The poker community seems torn about Martin. There are those that wish him well, and can’t wait to see Wretchy get this behind him. Others demand an apology, no matter how hollow. They have labeled Wretchy a poker cheat and wish him all the worst.