Saturday, June 27, 2009

Online Bots Poker Cheating Update

If you're wondering what is going on in the online poker cheating bot world these days, here is the latest trend information I have on online players cheating with bots:

Bot cheating is still on the rise. It hasn't been getting the press the past two years that it once had, but that's mainly because reporting on the online poker cheating world has been dominated by the huge insider hole-card-reading scandals and financial and banking problems online poker sites are having with the United States Justice Department. Highly skilled computer people are continually out there designing and putting bots into play. The ones with artificial intelligence will certainly beat the majority of human players, though there are not too many of these around. They are very expensive and writers of these highly sophisticated cheat programs are keeping them amongst themselves and cheating online poker with their creations.

I suspect we may hear more about this online toward the end of this year and into next. As far as which sites are hosting the most bots or are vulnerable to them, the best is to check with my online poker safety rankings, which heavily takes bot play into consideration.