Friday, June 19, 2009

The New Poker Cheating Age Will Becometh!

As we get ready to put the first decade of the twenty-first century to bed, the second twenty-first-century-decade coming will bestow upon us better and more "high-teched" cheats. First, let's examine what we will see in the brick and mortar poker rooms in the early 2010s. The key advent here will be lasers. The key scam will be marking cards with them. For more than a century, marking cards at poker has been one of the most popular cheat methods, dating back to the days of the Wild West. Every method under the sun, including using the sun itself to burn marks into poker cards, has been tried. However, poker card-marking is turning the way of the laser, where sophisticated poker cheats will use laser pens and other tiny laser devices to mark the cards and cheat the poker tables. This is one area of poker cheating that I am keenly interested in, and I will keep you abreast of how it develops.

As far as online poker cheating goes, we are already in the second decade of the twenty-first century, if not the third! Look for more scams hitting online poker from the outside and less from the inside. The outside hackers have learned a lot from the inside cheating scams at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker. They will surely use their newly acquired knowledge to write new software and crack security codes so that they may better cheat online poker games. Of course the online poker sites' security departments will be doing their best to monitor and fight the cheating, but the edge always goes to the cheats, that being both online poker cheats and brick and mortar poker cheats.