Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mississippi Casinos Glad to See Connecticut Master Casino Cheat Out of Business!

After reading the following article, I am really wondering why Mississippi casinos didn't prosecute master casino and poker cheat Richard Taylor when they supposedly had evidence on him for cheating that state's casinos for $200,000. Well, what that evidence was, I don't know, but whatever the case, Connecticut authorities have not been as forgiving toward Mr. Taylor, who, if he wants to resume his cheating career any time soon, is going to have to cheat the poker tables at whichever Connecticut state prison he gets sent to.


Memphis Man Convicted in Connecticut Casino Cheating Scam

A Memphis man known as "Mr. Casino" was convicted in Connecticut in a scheme to cheat two casinos there. Richard Taylor, 43, was found guilty in late May in New London, Conn., of cheating, conspiracy to commit cheating, first-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny. He remains jailed in Connecticut on a $250,000 bond. Taylor will be sentenced July 10 and could face a sentence of more than a decade in prison.

In cheating the Foxwoods Resort and Mohegan Sun casinos, Taylor bribed dealers to pay players for late or illegal bets. State police there said Taylor and his group were responsible for nearly $70,000 in losses for both casinos in 2007.

This isn't the first time "Mr. Casino" has been in trouble with gaming authorities. In 2001, he was arrested in Mississippi for bilking four Gulf Coast casinos out of nearly $200,000. There, too, he was accused of working with dealers who paid him on losing craps bets in exchange for large tips. However, the district attorney declined to prosecute that case. (Why not???)

"Our criminal investigations unit has been monitoring this trial as long as it's been going on," said Becky Clark, a spokesman for the Mississippi Gaming Commission.
"He's been on our radar screen for a long time. We are very pleased that he'll be away from us for at least the next several years."

Clark said Taylor has already been banned from Mississippi casinos. NO SHIT!!!