Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Casino Cheat Complaint in India

This article sounds like a joke, when you read the various ridiculous-sounding currencies involved, but evidently it is not.

The tourism minister for the resort province of Goa, Fransisco Pacheco, yesterday filed a complaint against a casino operator for cheating him to the tune of Rs 1.25 crores, the money which he had won in the casino. What the heck are crores??? I thought Indian money was rupees!

The minister has filed the complaint with Colva police station against in-house casino at Majorda Beach Resort in South Goa. Pacheco has said the casino operator has failed to pay him money despite his winning the gambling between May 15 and May 22 this year.

"When I asked for the money, the casino staff requested me to give them a day or two to make the payment since they never held so much of money in their treasury, "the complaint mentions. So obviously those crores are a heck of a lot of money, or Indian casinos only keep pennies available at the cage. If anyone out there can straighten this out for me, I will not only appreciate it but give you mention of honor on my poker and casino cheating blog!

The NCP minister said that he had won Rs 1.53 crores, of which Rs 28 lakhs were paid to him in installments over a period of about ten days; the last payment was received on May 28. Now what the heck are lakhs!!! I thought we were talking about crores! Please, help me understand this!

Pacheco said a partial payment by the casino operator was made only after intervention of Manish Khanna, Director of Majorda beach resort and Krishnan, the general manager of the resort.

Whatever the case, this looks like a pretty nice place. I have never cheated Indian casinos, but maybe I will come out of retirement just to get this one!