Saturday, June 20, 2009

Actual Surveillance Shot of UK Poker Card-Swapping Cheats!

These guys are good poker cheats, but apparently the dealer at one of the poker tables at London's Empire Casino caught on to their cheating act. The actual surveillance photo above shows Mehmet Mersin and Suleyman Arik swapping cards under the poker table, a carefully rehearsed move they used at least seven times to net more than £5,000 in illegal winnings. Meanwhile a third man (far left), thought to be a professional distracter, engages the croupier in conversation. The third man was not arrested. Arik and Mersin are currently in prison serving six and eight month terms respectively. Arik, a Turkish national, will be deported when he is released. Mersin has been banned from entering any British casino for 10 years.

But don't think for a minute that these guys won't be pulling the same cheat moves in prison poker games!