Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's the Matter with Foxwoods?

Yesterday I was driving through Connecticut, so I decided to stop by Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. As many of you know, that casino, as well as its sister Connecticut casino Mohegan Sun, has been victimized by some high-profile insider cheating scams, especially on its craps tables. It was Saturday afternoon and the casino wasn't very crowded, but that didn't stop the cheats! I was there for three hours and in that time I saw four different cheating incidents from the outside, all of which were successful. Two were blackjack bet-capping incidents where players added chips to their bets after they made hands of twenty and twenty-one, one was a roulette pastpost where a player slipped his $25 chip onto a winning number after the ball dropped, and the last was a skilled team of craps cheats moving their bets from the pass line to the don't pass bar after the come out roll.

You would think that after all the negative publicity involving casino and poker cheating that Foxwoods has been receiving of late, they would bulk up their defenses against the cheats, but this certainly is not the case. In fact, when Foxwoods opened up in 1992, my casino cheat teammates and I gave them a warm welcome to the tune of $100,000 days and record-setting moves. Now, 17 years later, I'd bet that if a skilled cheat team walked in there now with the same type of moves, they could do nearly as well...well, maybe not that well, but probably at least half as well.

What can Foxwoods do about this? I'd say they'd better get some outside help from people who can explain to their people how to spot the scams.