Sunday, May 17, 2009

Should Poker Cheat's Be Publicly Branded?

I just finished reading the book the "Scarlett Letter" for the eighth or ninth time and had an interesting idea. As adulteress Hester is branded publicly by being forced to wear a scarlet cloth bearing the letter A for adultery, why not force known poker cheats to wear T-shirts branding them as cheats when they play in public poker rooms? I am not saying that poker cheats are as bad as sex-offenders and should have to register if they live within 10 miles of a public poker room, but I do think that honest players sitting at a poker table have a right to know if a convicted or assumed-guilty cheat is among them.

And I think this should also apply to online poker cheats who are playing in brick and mortar poker games. Why? Well, you have to assume that an online poker cheat would also cheat the brick and mortar games if he has the chance. I am thinking of Josh Field, a.k.a. online JJ Prodigy. I don't know him by face but surely would like to know if he were sitting across the poker table from me.

And what about me? Should I wear a branding T-shirt if I sit at a casino blackjack or poker table? Absolutely not! I didn't cheat the players; I only cheated the house. So I think you will all agree with me that I would have the right to remain an anonymous cheat!

Is there a way to brand online poker cheats online? Like maybe attach OPC (Online Poker Cheat) to their Internet provider addresses. That would be great and serve the online poker playing public really well!

Looking forward to your comments.