Monday, May 11, 2009

Poker Dealer Cheats In Business For Themselves!

Yes, this is one aspect of cheating at poker that doesn't get much attention, but it ought to. We all know cheating goes on heavily at home games, but it happens more often than you might think in your local poker room or casino, whether it be in a remote location or in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. There are two basic ways poker dealers cheat. One is by having a confederate play in his game, where he manipulates the cards in that player's favor. The second is when he steals chips from the game (which is actually more common than manipulating the cards he deals) with some clever moves that are very difficult for surveillance to spot, even when they are zooming in on him. But in order to make up the difference to the casino, the crooked dealer has to make moves on YOUR chips, so be careful that you receive all the chips in the pot for your winning hands when the dealer pushes them to you!