Friday, May 29, 2009

Pit Supervisor of Casino Accused of Cheating Murdered At Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal!

Mark Magee apparently had a very serious beef with Atlantic City casinos. In a letter he sent to a Philadelphia television station before killing a high-ranking Taj Mahal shift boss, he said that Trump Taj Mahal and other Atlantic City casinos had been cheating him and other customers for a period of at least 20 years.

TV station WPVI reported that it received the letter from Norristown, Pa., resident Mark Magee and that it didn't contain any threats, only stating that the Atlantic City casinos have been cheating for 20 years. The letter didn't mention any specifics of how the casinos allegedly cheated nor did it mention Ray Kot, the Trump Taj Mahal supervisor whom Magee shot several times in the abdomen with hollow-point bullets. The TV station said it won't publish the entire letter and is cooperating with police.

Taj Mahal's CEO, Mark Juliano, said the shooter had no previous beef with the slain casino supervisor. He probably just took out his frustrations out on the poor guy, who was well-liked and respected at the casino. Also it appears that Magee was intent on robbing the casino, and police found a suicide note on his person when they arrested him.

Magee in court said he understood the murder and weapons charges against him. However, why in the devil's name did he do this? That, he didn't say.