Friday, May 22, 2009

Check the Poker Rooms For Those Bank Cheats!

Have you heard about the couple from New Zealand who recently fled the country after discovering that their local bank had accidentally deposited $6 million in their joint bank account? Well, now they are being hunted by police all over the world, including Interpol. The last reports have the money-honeys in Hong Kong, but police there turning the city inside-out and upside-down looking for them are coming up empty.

Ah, come on! I know where they are. There is only one place they could be, and it's exactly where I would go if I stumbled upon six million bucks. And it's right across the casino from Hong Kong! Get it? Yes, I'm talking about Macau. No doubt the happy-go-lucky couple are using their cheat money at the poker tables in Macau. Why am my so sure about this? Because the couple is Chinese. Gambling is in their blood. So if they're willing to gamble on their new life on the lam, they're surely willing to gamble their newfound money at the poker tables, right? And would they actually cheat at poker if they knew how? You bet your ass!

And guess what: believe it or not, the same thing once happened to me, although on a smaller scale. Back in 1981, while I was a full scale poker cheat and casino cheat, a bank errantly credited my checking account for more than $6,000! I didn't flee of course because I was too busy cheating the poker and blackjack tables in Las Vegas. I didn't report the bank error either. I just simply waited to see what would happen. Well, the bank caught onto its error by itseslf and the next month my account was debited for the six grand. Oh well, I was never a bank cheat anyway, just a poker and casino cheat!