Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Are How to Cheat at Roulette Gadgets Effective in Cheating Other Casino Games?

This is a question that is getting more attention lately. Why? Because more and more, casinos, especially those in the UK and Europe where the use of devices to beat casinos is a much less serious offense than it is in the US, are getting hip to high-tech casino cheats running around their roulette tables with computers. What is going on more these days is that the same type of devices, such as the shoe-based computer used by Hungarian cheat/gambler Laszlo Kovacs, are now being used to track the outcomes of other casino gambling games, mainly that of the Big Six Wheel. In theory, the mechanics of a manual Big Six Wheel, which is a popular game among non-die-hard gamblers, are quite similar to that of roulette. Instead of spinning a roulette ball around the grooves of a cylinder, the Big Six Wheel dealers spin an entire large vertical wheel, much like you see on the TV show Wheel of Fortune. In fact, keeping track of spins and using a roulette-type computer is easier to do on a Big Six Wheel than on a roulette wheel. So, yes, these roulette cheat gadgets are effective on manual versions of Big Six Wheels.

As far as other casino games go, roulette computers do not have much use.