Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Scotty Nguyen Denying Cheating Too Much?

In lots of talking lately, which ex-World Champ and controversial professional poker player Scotty Nguyen should consider cutting back on, he has been constantly referring to cheating poker and his not doing it. Do you find this a bit strange? Do you think he´s real or is he on a guilt-hide-the-truth-trip? Well, here´s some of what he´s been saying lately:

"What I learned from the final table at the World Series is that winning is sometimes not everything. The only way you enjoy your win, you have to make the game pretty. You have to play in a gentlemanly way, not a bad way, not a nasty way. Some people out there are dirty and they're nasty, they try to needle you. When I'm at the final table at this H.O.R.S.E. event I'm telling myself to not let something like that happen. Just play your game and win pretty. This way when the trophy is in my house I can look at it and be proud.

What happened at the World Series…it happened…As long as there was no cheating going on I feel good about myself. I just come in there, play my game, I talk trash, it was one of those days where you didn't control yourself. You didn't sit back and think about all of the people watching you. I'm just so focused, just trying to win. I forgot about the cameras, I forgot about the fans. The only thing I regret about the World Series and the H.O.R.S.E. event is that I let my fans down. All the young kids that said, "Look, Scotty Nguyen is on TV," I let them down. That's the only thing I ever regret. Other than that baby, I play my game to win. I won it all with my skill.

As long as I don't cheat I go home, I close my eyes, and I sleep well. The only thing that didn't let me do that after I won was that I let the fans down, and I promise them it will never happen again. I might talk trash a little bit, but it's nothing to compare to the World Series. I want to win pretty…The mistake is no good if you don't learn from it…I want to make sure it never happens again."