Monday, April 27, 2009

Deaf, Blind, But Not "Dumb" Poker and Casino Cheats!

Poker Cheating and Casino Cheating By People You'd Never Expect To Be Cheating YOU At The Tables!

Unusual But Deadly Poker Cheats!

People wearing sunglasses inside casinos has long been an element for suspicion. The obvious reason is that they're hiding the direction of their eys. But what about REAL blind people? Might they be cheating you out of your money? And how about deaf people? Are they sometimes also casino cheats?

While I ran my professional casino cheating teams I once had a blind imposter who wore sunglasses and carried a guiding cane. This was of course done to fool casino bosses into believing that my confederate was really blind and hardly a casino cheat. But then again, I once had a real blind person working the tables with me! He was a claimer taking money off roulette and craps tables, and he didn't wear dark glasses, so it was obvious to casino employees that he was really blind. For a while, I believed I was the only casino cheat boss using a real blind person, but lo and behold, such was not the case--and still isn't.

In poker there are blind cheaters playing in collusion rings who take their signals audibly from their cohorts. In roulette and craps there are blind mechanics (of course just a few, but they do exist!). They switch chips on the layout by feel and are guided by audio commands from their cheat team leaders. The beauty of it is that when they are caught they can rely on their real blindness to convince pit bosses they are making honest mistakes and couldn't SEE that their hands were not supposed to be out on the layout when they were. I have heard of a blind magician from Scotland who doubled as a casino cheat and bilked some of the UK's best casinos by pastposting roulette bets.

And the UK is difficult territory for "seeing" casino cheats!

What about deaf poker and casino cheats? What is their specialty? In short, they can do everything "hearing" cheats can do. And since the vast majority of cheat signalling inside casinos and poker rooms is visually and not audibly transmitted, they have not the least bit disadvantage in cheating you and casinos alike.