Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Counting Blackjack Cards With iBacus 2010 Has Casinos Scared Shitless!

Gambling regulators have warned casinos around the country about a card-counting program that works on Frigemall Industries iBacus 2010. The program illegally helps players beat the house in blackjack. The iBacus 2010 is a high-tech version of the original card counting device used in ancient Greece by Leonidis Wankeris and his legendary 300 Spartan card counters. This updated version of the device is believed to have been developed by a Spartan descendant who immigrated to Australia in 2004 to open a Souvlaki store in Melbourne. Card counting itself is not illegal under most gambling laws, but it is considered a felony to use devices to help count cards.

The iBacus 2010 from Frigemall Industries allows the user to accurately count cards at the game of blackjack. The device will not only keep a running count but will convert the count into a true count and keep a side track of Aces. The handy printer tells the player when the deck is rich with 10 value cards as well. The device can be
purchased for $11.99 from the Frigemall online store.