Thursday, February 12, 2009

Casino Cheating Scam Rocks India!

In my 25-year cheating career I never worked casinos in India, but maybe I should have! Read this:

PANAJI: Arun Kapoor, the group CEO of Delta Corporation Ltd and High Street Cruises and Entertainment Ltd, Porvorim, in his complaint to the Panaji police has alleged that seven of his employees ganged up with two customers and cheated the company of 80,000 rupees.

In his complaint, Kapoor said that since November 2008 at Casino Royale and Kings Casino, Mandovi, Jonanthan Araujo, Bhushan, Aigal, Naresh Haji, Reinar Estrocto, Nani Salgaonkar, Gilbert D'Cruz and Pundalik Bale, all working at the two casinos as dealers along with two customers Firoz Dessai and Rohan "ganged up with the common intention in the process of gaming and cheated the management and stole cash amounting to Rs 10,000 and gaming chips worth Rs 70,000, all worth Rs 80,000".

The police have registered an offense of theft in a closed premise and cheating against the nine persons. They have arrested Naresh, Reinar and Firoz and recovered Rs 45,000 from Firoz. Police said that the rest of the persons are absconding.