Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't Confuse Online Poker and Casino Site Owners Caught Cheating With Cheating On Their Sites!

In the past few months we have heard lots about both online poker scams and owners and operators of online poker and casino sites caught in various scams that have more to do with money laundering and tax fraud than with the gaming activity on their online sites. So don't think that an online poker room owner or operator convicted or indicted for fraud or money laundering runs a site you should worry about as a player. There is absolutely no connection between the two.

For example, a Co-founder of online gambling company PartyGaming and its largest shareholder has pleaded guilty to illegal Internet gambling and has been fined $300 million. He has agreed to fully cooperate with authorities whilst the investigation is continuing. Anurag Dikshit pleaded guilty to violating the Wire Act. In spite of this PartyGaming continues to operate on of the safest online gambling facilities on the Internet.

However, when the owner or operator is caught cheating players directly such as Jeff Pearson, who has recently been taken into custody in Costa Rica for being one of the original “online gambling operation scammers” who set up an online casino “Lucky’s Casino” in late 90’s and then closed down before paying out money owed to customers, then you better avoid his site like the plague!

Pearson currently faces multiple charges of fraud for a number of scams ran by him and 8 other scammers who pocketed up to $13 million dollars from Americans.