Friday, September 12, 2008

More On Connecticut Baccarat Cheat Scam State Of The Art Cheating Device

The baccarat cheating ring recently busted by Connecticut State Police that was operating at Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun casino apparently was using a micro computer with specially designed software to predict which cards would come out of the shoe with startling accuracy. Unlike the recent giant international false shuffle baccarat scam where players kept track of the order of cards dealt from an entire shoe that the dealer false shuffled to protect the order for the next shoe, this ring had computers that used super software to accurately predict which cards would come out of the shoe during play. Of course the accuracy of the device was not near the perfection achieved with tracking and false shuffling, but it was certainly good enough to give the cheaters a huge advantage.

In other news, there were 12 more indictments today in the Tran Organization baccarat scam that blanketed Indian Reservation casinos across the US and Canada from 2002 to 2007. There have already been scores of cop-outs and convictions in this scam, which is the largest organized casino scam in history--at least as far as is known! If there ever was a bigger one, either the cheats got away with it or the authorities covered it up!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More on Connecticut Foxwoods And Mohegan Sun Cheat Rings

Richard “Mr. Casino” Taylor of Memphis, Tenn., the man police say was the mastermind in an elaborate cheating scam taking place at casino craps tables, is due back in court today.

Taylor remains behind bars facing felony cheating and larceny charges. Police say others worked with Taylor to cheat the casino of thousands of dollar.

Police said Tuesday that dealers from Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun will be among the 13 people arrested in coming days. Warrants are prepared and suspects are being given the opportunity to turn themselves in, police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said.

“Investigators are reaching out to all involved to give them a chance to surrender,” Vance said.

The group is alleged to have participated in a scam straight out of the movies — complete with code names such as “Strawberry Daiquiri” — to identify participating players and clandestine meetings where dealers collected their payoffs.

An investigation by the state police casino unit revealed some dealers were being paid in exchange for allowing late bets at their craps tables.

Craps is a dice game in which players place chips on spots on the table, anticipating the roll of the dice. Players who were in on the scam, called “shot takers,” would push in gaming chips to make a late bet when the dice already had been thrown and the outcome known by the dealer. The player would win money and later pay the dealer for his trouble, police said.

Taylor and former Foxwoods dealer Mattie Tarlton, 42, of New London were the first arrested, when a tip by a Foxwoods employee in December prompted an investigation.

Casino surveillance looked back at Tarlton’s work during the preceding month to find overpayments totaling nearly $60,000 between Nov. 24 and Dec. 8.

Going on for years:

A widening investigation turned up dealer after dealer who admitted to taking part in the scam, some who claim it has been going on for years, according to the arrest affidavit by state police Detective Richard Bedard.

The casino employees included floor managers and employees working surveillance and scheduling, according to one dealer.

Tarlton denied any involvement with Taylor, but admitted she knew him as a man who entered the casino like a “superstar,” tipping waitresses between $100 and $1,500. Other dealers have admitted to taking hundreds of dollars in payoffs from Taylor for allowing the late bets.

While the total cost to the casinos is unknown, police said they have documented evidence that shows Taylor’s “cheating enterprise” was responsible for $69,965 in casino losses.

Taylor has denied the charges and his defense attorney, Martin Schoepfer, said it would be inappropriate to comment so early in the case.

Representatives from Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

What’s next: State police said Tuesday they expect a total of 15 arrests in connection with a cheating scam at craps tables at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Alabama Casino Tries But Fails To Cheat Slot Player Out Of $10 Million Jackpot!

Many casinos have been in the situation that Macon County, Alabama Greyhound Park was in back on May 2nd, 2006. A woman hit the jackpot on one of their machines, but was told by employees that the machine malfunctioned and that she would not be getting paid.

The woman, who was an employee of the casino, decided that she was not going to stand for that kind of nonsense. She sued the casino in hopes that a judge would see her side of the situation.

Now, she has been granted her wish. A circuit judge has ordered that the woman be paid $10 million by Greyhound Park. They will appeal the ruling, but the chances are that the judge has finally stepped up against these lame excuses that casinos use.

This is not the first case in which a person has not gotten paid after winning a jackpot. Casinos all across the world have used the excuse that a machine has malfunctioned, and most of the time they are not held accountable for their actions.

Sherry Knowles sued Greyhound Park back on August 27th and won the case this week. The track (of course) plans on appealing the ruling.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Connecticut Casinos Hit By New Wave of Casino Cheating Scams and Continuation of Old Ones!

Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun, two of the world's biggest moneymaking casinos have been stung again by organized cheat groups, some working with crooked dealers, others working outside cheat scams with lots of skill, balls and cheating devices, and still others working bank and credit scams inside both these casinos. While I was working as a professional casino cheater, Foxwoods was one of my favorite candy stores. Seems that they still offer a plethora of opportunities for organized cheats. And don't forget, the casino busts that I report on are only the cases where the cheats get caught. For every casino cheat nabbed, there are dozens who get away with their scams and earn big money.

Here are the recent new scams and further developments on old ones, as appeared in the Norwich Bulletin:


Four New York residents were arrested Saturday morning after police said they used a cheating device at a baccarat table at Mohegan Sun. State police casino unit detectives said the gamblers were at a mini baccarat table using a cheating device to determine the order of the cards in the deck before they were dealt. Surveillance spotted the group acting suspiciously after 5 a.m. I do not yet know exactly what the device was, but as soon as I get more info on it I will pass it along.

The group now face charges of cheating while lawfully gambling, possession of a cheating device, first-degree larceny and first-degree criminal trespass. The following people were arrested and each held on $10,000 bond pending arraignment Monday in Norwich Superior Court: Yuan Chen, 50, of 749 57th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Dong Zhong, 45, of 1925 W. Sixth St., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Jim Tong, 41, of 500 E. Houston St., N.Y., N.Y.; and Yu Feng, 37, of 1225 White Plains Road, Bronx, N.Y.


When someone walked up to a craps table at Foxwoods Resort Casino or Mohegan Sun and said “strawberry daiquiri” or “hot chocolate,” the game was on.

The cheating game, according to police.

State police this week arrested the alleged ringleader of a scam in which dealers paid players for late bets and later collected payment for the favors. Richard S. Taylor, 42, of Memphis, Tenn., was charged Thursday with conspiracy to commit cheating at gambling, cheating at gambling and first-degree larceny. He is being held in lieu of $500,000 bond (a huge bond for a casino cheat crime! Looks like connecticut wants to get tough on casino cheats). A dozen more arrests are expected.

The State Police Casino Unit began investigating in December 2007 after a floor person at Foxwoods notified a manager that a craps dealer was cheating. They initially charged Taylor and dealer Mattie Tarlton. They now say the scheme has widened to include 13 people and that the region's two casinos lost $69,965.

In craps, a fast-moving dice game, players place their chips on certain parts of the table to indicate how they want to bet. Players can also call out their bets to the dealers before the dice land. If the player makes a bet too late, the dealer is supposed to reject it by indicating “no bet.”

In casino lingo, those who cheat at craps by placing bets after the dice have been rolled are called “shot takers.” Police said they interviewed several dealers who admitted to paying the “shot takers” for bad bets, then meeting up with them later to collect payment. Some of the dealers said the scam went on for years.

Taylor recruited dealers and players to participate in the scheme and even colluded with a Foxwoods employee who scheduled craps dealers to ensure that friendly dealers would be working when his crew arrived at a table, according to a lengthy arrest warrant affidavit prepared by state police detective Richard Bedard.

Taylor instructed the dealers that the cheating players would use the code words “strawberry daiquiri” or “hot chocolate” when they approached the table.

The dealers told the detective that Taylor, who is also known as “Mr. Casino,” “Mr. C,” “Shorty” and “Shaft,” was a big tipper who would often place bets “for the dealer” along with his own bets. They said he bragged about cheating at casinos around the country and said he and another man, known as “Big Al,” had “pulled down $110,000” in Las Vegas.

”Mr. C. talked about how they were going to make a movie of them ripping off casinos,” one dealer told the detective.

The dealers described meeting up with Taylor at local hotels and restaurants to collect cash payoffs. Two of the Foxwoods employees said he gave them $1,000 gaming chips from Mohegan Sun, which they immediately cashed in.

Taylor was arrested at New London Superior Court Thursday when he appeared for the initial cheating case. Standing outside the courthouse before he was taken into custody, he denied wrongdoing and said the casino officials are suspicious of him because he always places bets for the dealers. Table games players often tip dealers by placing chips beside their own bets and declaring that they are betting for the dealers.

Taylor said he always calls his bets and that craps is a verbal game. When police interviewed Taylor following his January arrest, he denied running a cheating crew and paying off dealers.

”The bet is all up to the dealer/employee at the table,” he said. “If they think it's a late bet, they don't accept (the) bet. It's all on them.”

Taylor is married with three children and had worked as a truck driver until he suffered a disabling injury, according to his attorney, Martin W. Schoepfer. The attorney argued for a lower bond at Taylor's arraignment, but Judge Susan B. Handy, who signed the arrest warrants in the case, said Taylor appears to be the person most responsible in “an elaborate, long-term scheme to defraud the casinos.”

Stay tuned for more on Connecticut's Casino cheats' "Candy Store!"

Poker Joke of the Month!

Business as usual at the Mirage!

In a 10-20 Hold'em game at the Mirage, a drunk was begining to get out of hand.
"Well that was one pussy-pink river card from you dealer!" he bellowed after missing a flush. The dealer beheld the drunk gravely; "Sir, there is a young lady at the table. If you don't control your language, you will have to leave." On the next hand, the drunk doesn't improve his set on the flop and looses to a straight. "Jesus Christ! Why don't you just light my fucking wallet on fire pinhead!" The dealer was absolutely at his limit; "Sir, I'm telling you for the last time; there is a young lady at the table! Control your language or you will be escorted out of here!" On the following hand, every player in the game wades into the pot. There are raises and caps on every card. In the end, the drunk sucks out an inside straight and wins the 10-20 pot of the month. The drunk looks out over his pile of chips at the dealer and asks, "Do you boys pool your tips together or do you keep them for yourselves?"
The dealer replies "All dealers here keep their own tips." The drunk tosses two green chips at the dealer and says with a grin; "Well have a Goddamn toke on me, motherfucker." The dealer picks up the $50, turns to the young woman and says, "Miss, I'm afraid you'll have to leave the table."