Friday, June 20, 2008

Ripping Off Las Vegas Three Times A Day!


What is a check roller? Naturally it’s someone who rolls a check, but the occupation here is applicable only to casino restaurants. The term was born in recognition of the bust-outs who preferred eating in casinos to soup kitchens when they went broke. So after the meal when the waitress put the check on the table, the bust-out simply rolled it up inside his folded newspaper and walked out, but not before stopping at the cash register to change a quarter for two dimes and a nickel, just to make it look good in case the waitress was watching as she cleared her table. If the bust-out was completely broke, then at the cash register he stopped only for a toothpick or a mint. Another term for rolling checks was “putting it on your Dine and Dash card,” though that meant you were probably being chased by a very pissed off waitress.
In Las Vegas hundreds (sometimes thousands) of checks are rolled every day, more than any other city. Same was true back in the eighties when a man nicknamed Neal Beat A Meal roamed the city’s casinos looking for coffee shops where he would beat his meals. He did it three times a day, reading his newspaper as he peacefully ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, then folded the check inside the paper and waltzed by the cash register and out the door. He kept records of his escapades, which avoided his going to the same coffee shop too soon. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred he was clean as a whistle. No one noticed him go. But once in a while a sharp waitress caught on to him and followed him to the register. When she saw he grabbed a toothpick instead of paying the check and then screamed for him to come back and pay, which of course he never did, the chase was on.
Neal Beat A Meal always got away but sometimes it was a close shave, especially when he had to run through casinos and escape security guards. Finally, word of his jaunts through the coffee shops spread up and down the Strip and casino security forces began an all-out operation to snag him. They gleaned photos of him taken from casino surveillance cameras, blew them up to life-size images and hung them on the walls of coffee shop kitchens so the wait staff would recognize him on the spot. Then they began lying in wait for him outside the restaurants.
But they were no match for the seasoned meal-beater. Neal Beat A Meal would not even let them spoil his appetite. Nor would he cut short his meals, always ordering sumptuous desserts like layer and cheesecake after his main course at lunch and dinner. Then he’d wait for the security men’s attention to waver and at the right moment make his move to disappear from the coffee shop right under their noses.
Finally, the Las Vegas police were called in. They actually set up an undercover operation to bag Vegas’s notorious meal-beater. But Neal Beat A Meal caught on to them, too. And he enjoyed a challenge. So he began making his thrice a day outings to casino coffee shops in disguise. Sometimes with a cane, sometimes as a cowboy. Even as a woman. Not to give himself away, he made sure to vary the dishes he chose from the menu. He also abandoned the newspaper, which really threw the cops for a loop. And when word about this unusual police undercover operation leaked out, Neal Beat A Meal appeared in the newspaper, and he couldn’t resist carrying that paper with his photo in it into the Stardust coffee shop one morning. He blissfully read the article about himself as he took his morning coffee with pancakes, eggs and hash browns. The waitress didn’t recognize him but two plainclothes cops at an adjacent table did. And this time they took no chances. They called for backup and the cops covered every exit out of the casino. If Neal Beat A Meal could escape that dragnet, the chief of Las Vegas detectives later confided to reporters, then he’d personally take the meal-beater out to dine in Vegas’s most expensive restaurant.
When the judge asked Neal Beat A Meal how many meals he thought he’d beat in his lifetime, the defendant replied in an unwavering and even proud voice, “Oh, I’d say around ten thousand.” The judge guffawed and then sentenced him to five hundred hours of community service, and specified that it be served as a waiter in a hospital cafeteria. When those hours were completed Neal Beat A Meal was hired as a waiter at the Stardust coffee shop, a restaurant he figured he’d beat at least a hundred times. He worked there twenty years. Then one night while carrying his tray he had a heart attack and died. His last words to a fellow waitress were that he’d always had a soft spot for the occasional bust-out who came to his table, ate a hearty meal and rolled the check.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

$100,000 Roulette Cheat Computer! But Does It Work?

Hybrid Roulette Computers are the latest phase of roulette cheating, but the pricetag on it is a bit hefty: $100,000! But it is worth it? Before I tell you, read all about them below, lots of hype like all the other roulette computer hawkers, but is this one finally the real deal? Well, we shall see.


Cheat at roulette with a powerful electronic devices that have literally won millions (LEGAL in most countries). This is the only device of its kind available anywhere.

What is a Hybrid Roulette Computer?
Point a hidden camera at the wheel, and a computer tells you where the ball will land . . . sound like a fantasy? It's not. It's the Hybrid Roulette Computer System - by far the most effective roulette prediction device available anywhere, and the most effective way to win at roulette. This is not exactly a roulette strategy, it is an electronic cheating device.

The Hybrid is the envy of other casinos cheating technology and roulette strategy developers. It is not available anywhere else, and no other cheating device is anywhere near as effective or covert.

Indeed we do use it ourselves, but there are far too many casinos world-wide for us to apply it in all casinos, which is why we can afford to offer a few of them publicly. Let us make this perfectly clear: the Hybrid not only CAN earn you millions, it is LIKELY to earn you millions. The technology is not to be taken lightly. Additionally, as we use the technology ourselves, we do not offer it to just anyone - you must meet us personally and meet specific security requirements.

See a personal demonstration
We have conducted many demonstrations of our technology to both large and small audiences. On most occasions though, group sizes range from 1 to 15 individuals.

Image left: One of our demonstrators exhibiting our Hybrid Roulette Computer. The actual camera for the Hybrid can be miniature and kept close to the wheel, or hidden as far as 50 meters from the wheel. It can even obtain a view of the wheel from ceiling reflections to ensure line-of-sight.

We prefer to keep groups small and personal. Demonstrations to larger audiences are more to establish clear proof of effectiveness with many witnesses, whereas demos to smaller audiences are more for serious players who have intent to purchase our technology. If you are seeing a demonstration with intent to purchase, you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and there are other requirements specified on the purchase page.

If you are merely curious, you can attend a larger group demo, although such public demonstrations are censored, and you only see what you need to see to know without a doubt our claims are accurate. For example, at a larger group demo, you will clearly see accuracy rates of 1 in 10-15, but you will not be permitted to inspect the equipment or be privy to information relating to its operation. But if you attend a personal demo with intent to purchase, you will see everything. Additionally, at any of our demonstrations, you can see other roulette cheating devices - you can test them personally and decide for yourself if competing devices are scams. Unfortunately we've found other sellers of roulette prediction technology blatantly lie about their products - most cheating device sellers are extremely dishonest.

Image right: demonstration of other cheating devices available. How they work and why they are ineffective.

If you attend any of our demonstrations, rest assured your identity and/or any photos or footage of you are kept strictly private. We know very well an important factor for beating casinos is anonymity. In most cases we require photo ID before admittance is granted, and our security staff may note details such as your driver's license number, although such information is retained purely for security reasons.

If you wish to purchase censored video or audio of a public demonstration, or to attend a public or private demonstration, please contact us.

How effective is the Hybrid?
Once the camera is aimed, the equipment automatically predicts where the ball is most likely to land. The ball and wheel speed is measured automatically, so there is no human error involved, and user skill or fatigue is irrelevant. This enables extremely accurate and early predictions to win, without many manual clicks of a button (as is traditionally done), and without the user needing to even look at the wheel.

Predictions are relayed to one or more players, and if you bet on just one number, you win once about every 10-15 spins, without even needing to look at the wheel. This is an enormous edge over the casino, and it's completely covert.

If you bet on just one number, you win once every 10-15 times, instead of the usual 1in 37 times. You don't just beat roulette, you obliterate the house edge

But is it LEGAL?
Contrary to popular belief, this computer system is actually LEGAL in approximately half of the world's casinos. How is this possible? It is because most gaming laws state that a player may not force or influence the outcome of spins, but they do not at all state your cannot "predict" spins. This provides Hybrid players with a unique and perfectly legal strategy for earning potentially millions, yes millions. It will not be an opportunity that will last forever though.

But legal or not, of course casinos don't like you applying such technology to beat roulette. If they find you are using a cheating device, they can and will likely ban you. This is why such cheating devices must be applied covertly. Covert application does not make it illegal, and you can't be charged for winning if you aren't breaking any laws.

NOTE: Purchasers are told exactly where the device is legal. However, purchasers should always do their own research for confirmation.

Roulette cheating devices are LEGAL in most jurisdictions because they do not influence game outcomes - they merely predict them.

We're not in the business of helping players break the law. If you purchase any of our technology, you are required to sign agreements stating your will not use the technology to play roulette illegally. However, application is mostly legal anyway. But that doesn't mean casinos will permit the technology, which is why it is applied covertly.

How much does it cost?
There are different versions of the Hybrid, and many equipment options available. Ultimately the options you choose determines the price. The approximate price range varies between US$25,000 - US$100,000, which is a small price considering your investment can be returned within 24hrs of play (However, realistically you should NOT win too much too soon - you should win discretely to avoid detection).

What are the options? . . . To maintain secrets, you need to visit us personally to discuss the full range of options. However, a basic outline of two different packages you can purchase are below:

Full Package (The best of everything for highest accuracy possible)

Accuracy (direct number hit rate): 1 in 10

Price: US$100,000

This package is for the most serious teams. Almost all components are entirely custom-made to ensure small size, covertness, accuracy and practicality. You receive everything from a miniature 100x zoom camera, to state of the art fully custom-made image recognition engines [IREs] that can determine the ball's location within an accuracy of 5mm per video frame.

Basic Package (The bare essentials for covert and practical application)

Accuracy (direct number hit rate): 1 in 15

Price: US$25,000

The basic package still includes everything you need, including custom image recognition engines, although the technology is not as small, not as sophisticated, and not as accurate. For example, you receive a 40x zoom camera instead of the 100x zoom camera. Additionally, the image recognition processor is less powerful, although still determines the ball's location within an an accurate of 10mm per video frame. Overall, the components are larger and less covert, although by no means difficult to conceal.

NOTE: The above packages are regarding version 1 Hybrids only. Hybrid version 2 is not available to the public. You can add components to the basic package to suit your needs. You must visit us personally to discuss details and pricing of optional components. There is an enormous range of options to choose from, each with varying associated costs. The only way to obtain details of the options is to visit us personally - after all you need to physically see and test the various options and components to know what you want, and we need to teach you how to use the equipment.

It's not a matter of how much you can win, it's how much you can win without drawing undue attention.

IMPORTANT: Availability and stock is strictly limited. While some components can be readily made / assembled by our technicians, some of the equipment has been made purely under contract from specialist companies. While we have recently been able to purchase additional stock, we have no plans to purchase further stock. This means once the current stock is sold or used by partners, the opportunity will not be available any longer.

Browse our site and learn more. To acquire our Hybrid, please first Contact Us to schedule a meeting in person with us. You will witness a full demonstration on a real wheel and see full capabilities before purchasing. If you are not interested in cheating devices, learn about our roulette strategy.


Like all the roulette computers hawked on the Internet before it, this hybrid computer is somewhat effective, at least according to people I´ve talked with who´ve witnessed it being used in live casino play. The problem is that it is not effective enough to justify the huge price, and when the sellers mention that the computer´s cost can be won back in a single night, they are way off line. What they don´t tell you is the heat you will take winning that kind of money (if it could really be done), and that you will be barred very quickly from casinos where computer play is not against the law.

Remember, the most important point about any roulette computer play is the same as in blackjack card counting: Stay under the heat and be content to win little chunks of money at a time. In the long run you will last a lot longer and win more money.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are Online Casinos As Cheat Risky As Online Poker Rooms?

You certainly can feel safer while gambling at online casinos playing blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat than you can while playing online poker, right? Of course you can! Why? Because when you are playing any of those casino games you are playing against the casino only. When you’re playing online poker, you’re playing against other players who might have the incentive to cheat you with bots and collusion methods of play. Even more important is the fact that while playing in online casinos you face much less risk of being cheated by employees of the sites or ex-employees of the sites who have access to the source codes. For instance, in the recent online poker insider-hole-card scams, employees or ex-employees of Absolute Poker and UltimateBet used their access codes to peek at opponents’ hole cards, allowing them to cheat their victims mercilessly. This kind of cheating would not occur in online blackjack, roulette or craps games because other players would gain absolutely nothing from your losses. There could not be bots or collusion efforts against you either. Does this mean you are absolutely free of cheating threats while gambling at online casinos? No, but it makes you much safer than when playing online poker. There is still of course the remote possibility of running into a crooked online casino whose software is rigged to cheat you, but since the very early days of online gambling there has not been any major cases of casinos messing around with random number generators, and in the last few years I have not heard of any major online casinos simply absconding with players’ funds.

So in all, do not worry about being cheated in online casinos. As far as online poker goes, don’t worry about cheating too much—just keep in the back of your mind that it’s part of the game.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Is The Real Future Of Online Poker?

Back in April, 2006, in the final chapter of my book “Dirty Poker,” What does the future hold for online poker?, I made the bold prediction that unless some drastic security measures were taken, online poker would within a decade “go the way of dinosaurs.” Well, only two years and a few months have passed since then, and my prediction, in spite of the fact that many people thought I was crazy for making it, is right on course to become reality.

In the past year we have seen one major online poker cheating scam after another. They have come from the inside, from the outside, from the deeper inside, from the farther outside, and from the middle of all of that. We have seen multi-accounting, botting, collusion, hole-card-peeking, funds-stealing and even sophisticated money laundering schemes through online poker accounts. We’ve seen heralded players exposed as super frauds. We’ve seen respected poker magazine editors and writers fired from their jobs because of their implication in cheating rings. We’ve seen online gambling sites’ owners and employees, and thousands more ambitious cheats attacking the integrity of online poker—and succeeding in raking in tremendously large pots.

But does all this mean that online poker is doomed the way I said it was? Does it mean that in another five years 95% of players playing online (or should I say people occupying online poker tables with whatever means including human beings?) will be doing everything but playing legitimate poker hands? Well, if I had to answer this question right now, I would say that online poker will not be extinct in eight more years, but I would also say that unless some serious measures are taken (and I do not know if those measures are even possible to offset much of the cheating), we will have very little honest online poker games going on. But the irony of that dire outlook is that it might not even matter. People playing online poker might come to think of cheating as the norm and accept it, which means that it might just become incorporated as part of the strategy of the game. For instance, the competition of thinking simple and complex poker strategies we see now might give way to a competition of writing simple and complex poker bot programs. The use of sophisticated bots equipped with artificial intelligence might become so ordinary that hooking them up will be nothing more out of the ordinary than keying in your credit card numbers or whatever the source of your account funding might be.

Another way to look at the “online poker cheating revolution” is to see it the way we have seen the very game of poker change over the past few decades. Before we even had online poker we had five- and seven-card stud in brick and mortar poker rooms. The word “Texas” being bandied about around poker tables only had significance as to where a great percentage of the table’s occupants may have come from. But now “Texas” is the holy grail of poker. And just the same, cheating may become just that of online poker.

The point is that the cheating might only serve to increase the competition, as we have seen in several mock or serious bot tournaments, depending how you look at them. The old adage “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” might be the defining moment for the future of online poker. Whatever the case, I now hardly believe that online poker will ever disappear from the cyberworld, and inasmuch I doubt that online sites will ever be able to stop all the cheating…from either the inside, outside, middle, top or bottom. What I do think is that online poker will go on regardless of its degree of corruption.

Why? Because the competitive element in all of us will make us strive to be the best we can be—no matter how we may “be” that way. And the writing of this article has nothing to do with baseball and steroids…or at least I thought it didn’t.