Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cliff ‘JohnnyBax’ Josephy Leaves UltimateBet

According to numerous reports out this week, online casino has reportedly axed its promotional relationship with successful American professional poker player Cliff ‘JohnnyBax’ Josephy.

Kahnawake-licensed announced in late-May that 42-year-old Josephy had been added to its roster of online poker professionals and would be the first member of its Star Players team. However, the former stockbroker from Syosset, New York, posted on an online forum at this week that this relationship was now at an end.

“Just wanted you guys to know that you will no longer see me as a redlined pro in their lobbies nor will you see me wearing their patches at live events anymore,” wrote Josephy. was the subject of a report last weekend on a cheating scandal by the long-running American television investigative news programme 60 Minutes alongside

Josephy has been quoted in numerous sources as stating that he was contacted by Paul Leggett, Chief Operating Officer for the owners of, Tokwiro Enterprises, about the possibility of setting up a meeting between the two. However, he stated that when he responded, Leggett told him that someone else would speak with him instead.

“We set up a conference call last Friday and the other gentleman said ‘Before the others get on the line, I wanted to tell you that we’re no longer paying you starting next month’,” said Josephy.

The online casino then went on to offer the poker pro and lead instructor for a ‘standard deal’, which he subsequently declined.

“It was as out of the blue as anything can be,” said Josephy.

“I thought it was surprising. I still haven’t heard from the people who were in favour of having me originally. Maybe they just wanted to use my name through their rough times to add credibility to the site.”