Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Makes A Really Good Poker Or Casino Cheat Team?

So you’ re wondering what really makes a good casino cheat team? Just like any other enterprise, legitimate or illegitimate, poker and casino cheat teams have to be organized, and each member of the team should be limited to a single function that he needs to perform to perfection. In short, successful casino and poker cheating operations should be run like military operations, where each soldier in the platoon has a specific strategic function to perform against the enemy. Whether or not cheat teams consider the casino and poker room their enemies, they certainly have to carry out its operations as if fighting on a “green felt” battlefield.

To give you some insight into the workings of a professional casino cheat team, let me describe how my pastposting team carried out its roulette moves against the casino. Normally, we worked in a four-man/woman team. Two of the members worked solely as “checkbettors.” Their function was simply to place numerous bets across the roulette layout each spin in order to force the dealers to make specific physical movements that allowed our third member, the “mechanic,” the split-second necessary to do the actual move, which was to “pastpost” or place high-denomination chips on the winning number after it was determined. The fourth member of the team, the “claimer,” would claim the pastposted winning bet and collect the big payoffs from the dealer. The key to the whole operation was to limit the duties of each team member to a single specific function, which in turn limited the pressure on each person. A cheat team operating under minimal pressure always performs better. By operating in this manner, our team was able to beat casinos at their own game for decades!