Thursday, November 06, 2008

New Details Revealed About High-Tech Russian Cheat Team Called The "James Bond Mafia"

That high-tech Russian casino cheating team I have recently written about has been active in Moscow and other casinos in Eastern Europe. In one Moscow casino, their team of Caribbean Stud Poker players had ingeniously hollowed out a stack of 100 dollar chips and incorporated a mini camera with battery, the signal was transmitted using blue tooth technology, in order to read the dealer's cards as they were being dealt from his hands, fortunately the scam was discovered before it even developed legs because the casino itself was deploying equal high tech equipment, in the form of mini camera scanners to discover this type of action. Russians and Ukrainians are leading the cheating world with this type of scam, in an even more recent coup a group of Russians were arrested in a casino in Northern Cyprus; their equipment was so high tech it led the press to dub the scammers the James Bond mafia.