Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cheating Turkey Of The Year!

Now that it's Thanksgiving, it's time for my second annual Casino/Poker Cheating Turkey of the Year. In order to qualify, candidates must satisfy three main concerns:

1) Had to get caught (Obviously!) and prosecuted
2) His or her scam had to be either stupid or poorly conceptualized
3) The person had to have not only embarrassed himself but also others

The winner of the 2008 Cheating Turkey Of The Year is Ian McFadden, a London cab driver who signed a 4-man Russian roulette cheating team into various London casinos as his guest. While the Russians were using computers to determine where the roulette ball would land and thus cheat one particular casino, McFadden was roaming around the casino pickpocketing chips from gamblers at the tables. Unbeknownst to the cabbie, who was quite drunk, he picked the pocket of the leader of the Russian cheat team, whom he had signed into the casino as his guest! Surveillance caught the thievery on tape, and then when security agents questioned McFadden, he spilt the beans on the Russians! They all spent the night in a London pokey!

Happy Thanksgiving!