Tuesday, October 07, 2008

California man Literally Bets "The Pot" In Public Poker Game!

This is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most unique stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing about.

The plot is simple, short, and sweet and involves a California poker player, his stack of chips, and a bag of marijuana.

It also give new meaning to a "high" roller.

A Fresno resident walked into Casino One gambling establishment (I still don’t know if that’s the casino name or the company behind it), sat down at a 5-Card Stud table, and instead of using chips like most normal people do at any poker table, he immediately whipped a bag of weed and placed it as his bet!...not only in front of all the other people at the table but in plain view of the filming surveillance cameras.

Click here to watch the entire incident as it was caught on casino surveillance. You won’t be disappointed, trust me.

As the “eye in the sky” was catching this all on tape, the player proceeded to place individual marijuana buds on each betting marker on the table, refusing to actually buy chips from the dealer. This went on for several minutes before casino security came to rid the table of said “sticky icky” before escorting the patron out and calling police.

The man was arrested on site as the cops literally were left scratching their heads and wondering what this guy was honestly thinking betting drugs instead of just getting chips. Not only would it had saved him a trip to the jailhouse, but it also would’ve let him put his weed to better use - I mean if you check out the video he definitely had some pretty good stuff. Haha.

In the poker player’s defense, he said that since he had a “cannibus card” the betting of his pot was not against the law and he should not have been arrested. I mean, since he did get it off the internet it must mean what he did was completely legal, right? Just goes to show you that internet can truly be serious business….just like “betting the pot” got a completely new meaning after this story.