Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Roulette Tip Of The Day

Is it possible for casino IT gurus to change odds remotely from the back room to cheat unsuspecting players?

Is it possible that some geek in the bowels of a casino basement in Singapore can tinker with your payouts? Sure. With networked machines, satellite transmission and computer programming, absolutely anything is possible. But is it happening? Definitely not, and here's why.

Casinos reap their profits by paying winning slot machine players less than the true odds on their bets. Let me say that again: Every slot machine offered to the player is already mathematically fixed in the casino's favor. Because every coin inserted into their one-armed bandits is operating on this principle, why should they ever bother to fleece you further?

What's more, most casinos are publicly traded companies on the NYSE, and believe me, they are not in the least bit interested in exposing their gaming licenses to loss through any inkling of cheating. There is no more regulated business in America than gaming, with plenty of rules and regulations that would close a casino for defrauding, or appearing to defraud, the public.