Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Complaints About Poker Cheats In Spain And Portugal!

For those of you grinding out a living playing poker in Europe, beware of some poker cheat teams operating in both countries. I have received reports of collusion teams operating with the added skill of switching cards. I have also received complaints about how the poker rooms and tournaments are run, especially in Portugal.

Watch out there when playing in live games and you want to leave. Some casinos don't like it when you leave a shorthanded table--and they might make you leave your chips there until the game breaks up! And if that's not enough, they blind your stack down while you're absent. I find this hard to believe but have received more than a dozen e-mails about it.

In Spain they have similar rules, so you might run into the same problems. You're probably better of sticking to the poker games in the UK and France and points north!