Friday, August 29, 2008

European Gangster Kingpin Murdered Over A Poker Cheating dispute!

Romanian police say they have deployed about 600 officers in a southern city where a gang leader was killed in a poker game. Police spokeswoman Florentina Popescu says the police were sent to Craiova to keep rival gangs apart after 41-year-old Mihai Parvu was shot early Tuesday by another poker player over suspicions of cheating.
Another man suffered stab wounds in the altercation and is reported in stable condition. Parvu died in the main hospital of the city, about 158 miles (255 kilometers) west of Bucharest. Dozens of rival gang members gathered outside the building. Gang shootings are rare in Romania, but there have been several clashes in Craiova between members of the underworld, and many of them over disputes in poker games where one gangster accuses another of cheating!