Saturday, June 07, 2008

Latest Blackjack Dealer Card Reader Cheat Scam!

Is it possible for a cheating blackjack dealer to work with a partner by signaling out certain card values without typical flashing techniques? There is one clever way to do it:

Have you ever observed the reader device on a blackjack table? It´s the little red, black or green plastic bracket that the dealer slides his cards into to determine whether or not he has blackjack when his up card is either a ten or ace. This reader device, which is installed on blackjack tables to both save time and protect the casino from cheating dealers looking to signal the value of their hole card to cohorts, is often overlooked when casino bosses are trying to spot cheating blackjack dealers.

It is not commonly known that if a ten value card is placed in the reader device horizontally instead of vertically, you will see the index value if the hole card is a ten point card. Now that the dealer has obtained the value, it is as simple as a prearranged signal to the agent on the game. Advanced knowledge of the hole card
NOT being a ten-value card can also be employed as well. Also factor in that most dealers often place their hand on top of the card covering all or most of the card as it is placed in the reader device.

Look at the photos below showing a typical game where the dealer has a Queen as the up card. As shown below the dealer should place the hole card in the reader device vertically. Unless an Ace is the hole card you will not see any symbol and/or index in the optic viewer. When you place the ten point value card in the reader device horizontally, parts of the index of any ten value card will show within the optic. All of the opportunities now present themselves for a dealer/partner scam.

The up card is shown incorrectly being placed in the reader device. An example of the hole card that the dealer sees in the optic is also shown. The King of Hearts is our hole card.