Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pennsylvania Slot Machines Accused Of Being Rigged!

The State of Pennsylvania, brand new to legalized casino gambling and just getting its nose wet, is now getting its nose dirty as well, according to some reports in the news.

One form of casino cheating involves computerized slot machine spins to deceive players into thinking they almost had a jackpot, if only the spinning wheel in the last window had gone one more notch.

These near misses are not by chance, but are programmed into the computer to tantalize players who might otherwise be ready to give up. The "near miss" swindles are illegal in some places, but are legal in Pennsylvania. So the casinos, even though they are cheating, are not breaking the law!

Apart from all that, there is an even stronger reason to suspect rigged slot machines.

I know how film crews work, having made many TV shows about cheating in casinos and poker rooms. You probably have seen movie scenes or television spots depicting a joyous player winning a big jackpot.

Do you think movie or TV people will assign a film crew to watch that slot for 11 years, waiting for a jackpot? They will not. As soon as cameras roll, the casino's computerized system arranges that jackpot.

If they can arrange jackpots on cue, they can arrange other results when cameras are not rolling. If that is not a rigged system, I don't know what is.

Shame on Pennsylvania´s casinos!