Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot Cheat Scam!

More Online Poker Cheating In Question!
Ultimate Bet Again!

A player known as "dhc2lovr" has now hit Ultimate Bet´s Bad Beat Jackpot twice! In six weeks! This is hard to believe, and naturally an inside cheating scandal has to be suspected. Well, it´s not 100% a cheating scandal, is it?...After all, the same woman won two Illinois State Lotteries for more than $3 million each in the 1980s, so I guess anything is possible, right?...WRONG! Give me a break!

There is no way that the same player handle could legitimately win TWO Bad Beat Jackpots!....Ever!...let alone in 6 weeks. Such an occurrence just stretches probability way too far. We will soon be hearing about another GIANT online poker scam, a la the Absolute Poker Scandal of 2007. When will this all stop?

An article in 4Flush broke the story:

"The well known online poker room Ultimate Bet has found its way into the headlines on numerous occasions due to its lucrative Bad Beat Jackpot promotion. Past cases have been happy, congratulatory messages to the winner, but this time, the story comes with an interesting, if not distressing, twist.

Yesterday, May 6th, online poker player ‘dhc2lovr’ was awarded a massive Bad Beat Jackpot at Ultimate Bet, pocketing $448,920.71 for losing with an extraordinary hand at a Bad Beat poker table. Only 1-1/2 months ago, on March 25th, ‘dhc2lovr’ accomplished the same feat, claiming an Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot of $171,498.31.

Congratulations may be in order, but that is not the general mood circulating the online poker community. Instead, many are questioning the legitimacy of he same individual releasing two Bad Beat Jackpots in such little time. Perhaps the player is extremely lucky, or perhaps there are underlying problems that need to be addressed.

What turned this story into a speculative wonder is Ultimate Bet’s direct association with the online poker room Absolute Poker. If you follow online poker news at all, you probably already know that Absolute Poker underwent a dreadful scandal in the last year, overturning a string of corruption from its higher-ups. What it boiled down to was cheating, not just from members, but managers of the online poker room.

Absolute Poker strictly claims to have resolved the issue and that all operations are back to normal - normal implying integrity and stringent security measures to thwart collusion, cheating and other underhanded activities. Even so, Absolute Poker is still feeling the effects of the ordeal, with members slow to trust, and even slow to return.

Members of the online poker community do not feel that the miraculous double win of an Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot is very plausible, and once again, the trust factor is coming into play. It will not sit well with many online poker players at Ultimate Bet unless a full investigation is held.